'Taste of wife' Na Kyung-won, daughter Yuna with Down syndrome, "Job + Marriage goal... I need to feed my mom and dad"
'Taste of wife' Na Kyung-won, daughter Yuna with Down syndrome, "Job + Marriage goal... I need to feed my mom and dad"
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Photo = TV Chosun'Taste of Wife' broadcast capture
Photo = TV Chosun'Taste of Wife' broadcast capture

Former lawmaker Na Gyeong-won and Judge Kim Jae-ho revealed their daily lives in'The Taste of Wife'.

In TV Chosun's'Taste of a Wife Nowhere in the World' broadcasted on the 5th, former lawmaker Na Gyeong-won and Judge Kim Jae-ho appeared and revealed their daughter Yuna.

On this day, Na Kyung-won's daughter, Yuna, appeared and at the same time showed her brilliant drum skills in line with the group BTS''Dynamite', causing admiration. Former lawmaker Na Gyeong-won unveiled an unusual dance after holding a tambourine on the drumbeat played by her daughter at home.

In fact, Yuna suffers from Down syndrome. However, he was making his life more brilliant than anyone else. He is proud of his excellent skills enough to major in drums alone. Former Congressman Na Gyeong-won said, "Yuna majored in drums. Currently belonging to a music ensemble. The electronic drum being played can make the sound completely silent. The soundproofing system is installed in the house. It seems that it can radiate energy, so I play the drum. I started" he explained.

Not only this. Yuna was making great efforts to become self-reliant. “My daughter recently attended a job academy for a year. I applied for all of my applications on my own when I got a certificate such as a word certificate. When I graduated, I got 3 licenses,” said a former member of the law.

Of course, the process wasn't easy. I, a former lawmaker, said, "I've gotten better now, but at first I was ugly. When I had a child with a disability, I was worried too much. I didn't know how far he could do it. I couldn't wash the yogurt easily. Several steps to wash it with a straw. "I was sorry to take anywhere. I had to ejaculate to the teacher," he confessed.

Fortunately, in the love of mom and dad, Yuna grew up bright and lovingly. I, a former lawmaker, said, "Because I'm all big, there are a lot more things I can do. Our children are a little late, but if we go beyond that, we do well. If we give them opportunities and challenge them, they play a good role in society. That's why it contributes much more to our society. This will be," he said.

Photo = TV Chosun'Taste of Wife' broadcast capture
Photo = TV Chosun'Taste of Wife' broadcast capture

Yuna is currently paying attention to marriage as well as employment. I, former lawmaker, Judge Kim Jae-ho, and Yuna had a pleasant meal with chicken, pork belly, and beer on a clean table.

I said, "My house is a liquor family. I always drink a drink every Saturday. Yuna and a friend one day came in after drinking enough to say hello to a pub with a friend. After that, I asked to eat at home." Caught the eye.

I was interested in the liquor of the former lawmaker, and he said, "I like it regardless of the liquor and liquor. It seems that it was because I was married. My husband drank alone and drank it since then. The late wind is scary."

The former lawmaker, who had been drinking a drink, confessed to her husband, "It seems that Yuna wants to marry." Kim Jae-ho, the daughter's stupid father, seemed uncomfortable, but said, "When I get a job, I look for men."

The former lawmaker was obsessed with Yuna. "Let's live together even if we are married," he said to his daughter. However, Yuna said, "What do you do with the bridegroom. If you marry, you are unconditionally self-reliant."

Yuna's determination made her mother and father sad, but in fact, she was a deep daughter. He was impressed by saying, "Now, if I get a job and earn money, I try to feed my mom and dad. My mom and dad are getting old and I'm all grown up, but I can't get help forever."

In the words of Yuna, she admitted, "I really have to think about getting married." However, my former lawmaker said, "Marriage is important, but no one deserves it, and you don't have to do it," but Yuna turned and said, "Let's get rid of the table as soon as we finish eating."

I, former lawmaker, said, "I'm glad that Yuna came out pretty," and promised, "If you call me anytime, I'm honored."

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