Mina, former member of I Love, "I thought the world was a beggar, so I went up the bridge to finish it all"
Mina, former member of I Love, "I thought the world was a beggar, so I went up the bridge to finish it all"
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Photo = Shin Min Ah SNS
Photo = Shin Min Ah SNS

Shin Min-ah, a former member of I Love, who claimed to have been bullied by the members, confessed the feelings of a moment when he performed extreme acts in the past.

On the 28th, Shin Min-ah posted on his SNS on the 28th. One day, he told me to arrest the corporation and bring it to the police. When I investigated last September, I tried to believe it for the last time, but I couldn't change the world, so I felt like the world was too beggar, so I wanted to finish it all, so I went up on the bridge.

He said,'In the article, it was because of bad comments, but none of those bad comments are scary. This is because there are so many people who support them. Unfortunately, all of the patients in the hospitalization room were victims when they collapsed due to panic disorder and suffered from depression and trauma. “The law could not protect them, and they were being healed. However, most of the victims were in hospitals, while the perpetrators were very good at social life. Many victims said that the reason for disclosure is to inform the world of their damage.'

He continued,'I don't know what the outcome will be, but I am preparing various things to continue to inform the world of my damage, and in the future, I want to help by establishing a foundation that can help the victims. I do it because I think living well is the best revenge, and I will live well in the future.'

Currently, Shin Min-ah is having a truth battle with his former agency, WKS ENE. Shin Min-ah revealed that she was constantly harassed by six members from the time she was a trainee to the period of group activities, and that she was rescued after trying to make extreme choices recently while suffering from depression and panic disorder.

However, WKS ENE said that all of Shin Min-ah's allegations were false and that he filed a complaint for defamation.

On the other hand, recently, Shin Min-ah's former agency, WKS ENE, said in an official position,'On November 28, the Seoul Jongno Police Department convicted Shin Min-ah on the charges of obstructing Shin Min-ah's business, and on the alleged violation of the Information and Communication Network Act (defamation). It was sent to the local prosecutors' office.'

Shin Min-ah said,'The outcome of this lawsuit is not important to me. It is more valuable to uncover the truth of the case than to win. Not all authenticities are revealed as a result of the lawsuit. I didn't think it would solve my pain and these situations just because I reported it. 'Because there was no one on my side.'

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