'The Iron Man's Original = Chinese Novel...Type Sleep + Soul Change, Will Overcome'Stickness'
'The Iron Man's Original = Chinese Novel...Type Sleep + Soul Change, Will Overcome'Stickness'
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Shin Hye-seon, Choi Jin-hyuk/ Photo = tvN'Queen Iron Man' capture

There is high interest in the original work of'Queen Iron Man', which aired for the first time on the 12th.

tvN's new Saturday and Sunday drama'Queen Iron Man' depicts the story between So-Yong Kim and Cheol-jong of'The King of Two Faces', who had the spirit of Bong-Hwan, the youngest chef in the Blue House due to an accidental accident, and had'the tension of the world'.

The original work of'Queen Iron Man' is a Chinese novel'Prince of the Prince', the story of Jang-Bung, a playboy, drowning in the water and opening his eyes as Prince Jangbongbong for a thousand years. Jang Bung adapts to life in the imperial palace with'a woman's body, a man's soul' and enters the battle for the imperial throne to protect himself.

'Queen of Iron Man' brought the setting that the soul of a modern man from the original'Prince Biseung Loom' enters the queen's body. The production crew emphasized that "the rest of the story and development are completely different from the original work."

However, even before, there have been many movies and dramas in which the subject of time slip and the souls of men and women are changed. It is not a very new setting and depicts Cheoljonggi, which was a chaotic era of the late Joseon Dynasty. In fact, it is generally said that Cheoljong was a good-spirited but incompetent monarch, so if he glorifies the character of Cheoljong in the drama, there is a fear that the immersion will fall as the story is far from the actual history.

The production crew said, "Shin Hye-seon is the representative character of Andong Kim, who holds the kingship in check, but after heo Se-nam's'Bong-hwan' (Choi Jin-hyuk)'s soul dwells, he took on the character of'Kim So-yong' who shakes the palace with another side." Although it is a scarecrow king, it breaks down into'Cheoljong' with a twisted inner side, and breathes with Kim So-yong," he explained.

Meanwhile, tvN's Saturday and Sunday drama'The Queen of Iron Man' is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.

[News Inside Reporter Jeong Yong-in news@newsinside.kr]

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