'Nahonsan' Lee Si-eon, Storm Oh-yeol in the rainbow farewell trip "The happiest in five years with you"
'Nahonsan' Lee Si-eon, Storm Oh-yeol in the rainbow farewell trip "The happiest in five years with you"
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Photo = Lee Si-eon SNS
Photo = Lee Si-eon SNS

Rainbow members went on a farewell trip for Lee Si-eon,'Eoljang' who leaves'I live alone' after 5 years.

In the trailer for next week that was released at the end of MBC's'I Live Alone' broadcast on the 11th, Lee Si-eon's farewell trip with Park Na-rae, Hwasa, and 4 nerds Sung-hoon, Henry, and Gian 84 were revealed.

They had a pleasant time without end of laughter even on the'farewell trip', but they became a sea of crying when they read the last letter with sincerity and drew attention. In particular, Lee Si-eon, who showed only a pleasant appearance as the eldest brother of the nerds, was amazed by the public, saying, "The five years I spent with you were the greatest happiness for me."

Meanwhile, Lee Si-eon posted a long article on his social media account on the 9th. He said, "I am going to leave this year for the last time I lived alone," he said.

He said, "After a long discussion with the production team, I conveyed my desire to have a more faithful time as an actor, and after a lot of thoughts, we made this decision together." It's full of memories. I think I was able to have a really happy time thanks to the production team who always showed my trust with great support and the members who shared their love with me for a long time."

In addition, he said, "I think it is a tremendous luck to have received a lot of attention and love from the viewers, not only as an actor Lee Si-eon, but also in the appearance of human Lee Si-eon. Looking back, everything seems to be just precious and grateful."

Lastly, "I will always remember the love you have given through'I Live Alone', and I will do my best to show you a better image through my work as an actor in the future.'I Live Alone' and the Rainbow members also ask for more interest and love. I give you."

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