Berrygood Johyun's side, Corona 19 prolonged response?... Management company "prior notice" vs. movie company "no facts"
Berrygood Johyun's side, Corona 19 prolonged response?... Management company "prior notice" vs. movie company "no facts"
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Very Good Johyun/Photo = JTG Entertainment's Official SNS
Very Good Johyun/Photo = JTG Entertainment's Official SNS

BerryGood Johyun's side is making noise over whether the management company's representative and manager have previously announced that they have been tested for a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) at a movie promotion interview. Johyun's side said that it had delivered the inspection facts in advance before the interview, but the film promotion agency made the opposite argument.

Earlier on the 1st, member Johyun of the girl group Berry Good conducted an interview before the release of the movie ``Yongrugak: Undo City'' at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul. At that time, four media attended.

The interview ended fine, but the problem was after that. On the 2nd, an article was reported that the CEO of Berrygood's agency, JTG Entertainment and the on-site manager, were confirmed to be corona19. Here, it is known that all the members of Berry Good (Johyun, Seoyul, Gowoon, Sehyung) had been tested for Corona 19 and all of them were negative.

The agency said, "All the members of Berry Good were tested for Corona 19 on the 1st. Berry Good is classified as a close contact (with confirmed cases such as the representative and manager) and plans to self-isolate for 2 weeks."

The media reporters and officials who conducted an interview with Johyun on the 1st were in an emergency. Johyun was judged negative, but the film company claimed that he had to notify him of the test in advance, but he could not.

On the 4th, Berrygood officially said, "On the 1st, after completing the interview with'Yongrugak', I was informed by a trainee that he had been confirmed. After that, he was tested as a preemptive response, and this fact was announced to the'Yongrugak' side." Made a position.

Regarding the part that Johyun did not promptly notify him of the Corona 19 test, he said, "After the trainee was confirmed confirmed, the agency officials voluntarily tested it. The health center said that it was not applicable to the test, so it was not necessary to receive it, but in terms of preemptive response, I was tested."

“I am embarrassed to say that there was no contact from the public relations agency even though I informed both the test and the results,” he said. “The mobile message also says,'Is the result?'. What does this mean. Since we informed the result, the result is a result. Didn’t I ask you?” he stressed.

On the other hand, Inno Planning, which promotes the movie'Yongrugak', makes a completely different argument. According to an official who was present at the time, it was correct that Johyun and the PR company spoke on the phone on the 1st, but only talked about the schedule, and there were no corona-related issues.

Inno Planning said, "I didn't know that nobody had been tested for Corona 19 throughout Johyun's interview. If I knew it in advance, I would have canceled or stopped the interview," he said. "It is highly likely that the interview with actor Ji Il-joo on the 2nd was not conducted. Along with this, reporters and officials who participated in the interview would have gotten faster for Corona 19 testing.”

[News Inside Reporter Kang Haru]

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