'Unbelievable' Kang Su-ji,'Kim Wan-seon hope' exploded in Kim Gwang-gyu "Kim Guk-jin must come!"
'Unbelievable' Kang Su-ji,'Kim Wan-seon hope' exploded in Kim Gwang-gyu "Kim Guk-jin must come!"
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Photo = SBS'Burning Youth' broadcast capture
Photo = SBS'Burning Youth' broadcast capture

Kang Su-ji was angry at Kim Gwang-gyu's judgment of partiality in'Kim Wan-seon hope'.

On the 8th aired on SBS'Burning Youth', the youth played a'Speak with your body' game, in which words are expressed in body language.

The questioner was Jong-beom Lee. He burned the passion that he expressed positively by flying his body. The youth also showed tremendous concentration. When the first problem'Seodae' was expressed in the body, Gwonseon-guk hit it at once and caught everyone's belly button.

Lee Jong-beom expressed'Gollum' with the following words, and Park Jae-hong answered with the response speed of the national representative. At this time, Kim Wan-seon, who heard'precious' as'fashion', said, "Golum did fashion?" and boasted a strange charm.

Jong-beom Lee transformed into'Peter Pan' with the next problem. Kang Su-ji was right. Choi Seong-guk and Kim Gwang-gyu laughed when they said, "How do you hit old Peter Pan?"

The next question was Kim Kwang-gyu. He mixed the words when he came up with the proverb problem,'I am surprised by the lid of my heart when I am surprised when I grow up.' In the end, the filming site became a sea of laughter by saying'the lid of the pot was surprised by the chest.

Not only this. Kim Gwang-gyu gave only Kim Wan-seon a chance while everyone was shouting the answer. It was criticized by youth for the judgment of the opposite side. Kang Su-ji exclaimed, "Kim Gwang-gyu still really likes Wanseon-i."

The production crew suggested a rematch to Kang Su-ji saying that it was a tie with Kim Wan-seon, but Kang Su-ji shouted "Kim Guk-jin must come" and laughed, saying, "If you do that, it is Kim Wan-seon." Meanwhile, the VIP became Park Jae-hong.

[News Inside Reporter Kang Haru news@newsinside.kr]

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