'All year' diamond cutlery star 1st place Ham Yeonji → 2nd place Yoon Tae-young, 4th place Kim Tae-hee and 6th place Lee Min-jung
'All year' diamond cutlery star 1st place Ham Yeonji → 2nd place Yoon Tae-young, 4th place Kim Tae-hee and 6th place Lee Min-jung
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Photo = KBS'All Year Live' broadcast capture
Photo = KBS'All Year Live' broadcast capture

It is not a'gold spoon', but a whopping'diamond spoon'.

In KBS'All Year Live', which aired on the 4th, the rankings of the leading diamond cutlery stars in the entertainment industry were revealed from the 1st to the 10th.

The protagonist of No. 1 was Ham Yeon-ji, a musical actor who is famous for his daughter of Chairman Ottogi. Ham Yeon-ji's father is Chairman Ottogi and CEO Ham Young-joon, and he often showed the appearance of a woman through a YouTube channel that has already been run by Ham Yeon-ji.

He is not interested enough to say, "I knew how much it was after watching TV, and how much it was," but Ham Yeon-ji's stocks were reported to be worth 31.1 billion won. This is the amount that is ranked 5th in the entertainment industry.

The second place was actor Yoon Tae-young. Yoon Tae-young's father was Yoon Jong-yong, who served as Vice Chairman of S Company, and it is said that sales increased five times during the 12 years in office.

The third place was Super Junior Choi Siwon. The company run by Choi Si-won's father, also known as the'Idol Group's No. 1 Financial Entrepreneur', is known to exceed 100 billion won in annual sales. He has also served as the CEO of a famous fashion company, and is currently an adjunct professor in the university's business department.

In 4th place, actor Kim Tae-hee was named. Kim Tae-hee's father is the chairman of a transportation company that recorded 15 billion won in sales last year. It is known that his father is a member of the Honor Society, a group of major donors of over 100 million won.

In fifth place was actor Cha In-pyo. Cha In-pyo's father is Cha Soo-woong, a representative figure in the domestic shipping industry. Cha In-pyo's elder brother was also amazed as it was reported that he had worked as an executive at a large company.

In sixth place was actor Lee Min-jung. Lee Min-jung's maternal grandfather is the first painter to receive the Presidential Award from the Oriental Painting Ministry, and his close grandfather is a former chief judge. My father said that he is currently running an advertising company in an executive at a large advertising company.

The 7th place was Wang Ji-won,'the representative of the entertainment industry'. Wang Ji-won's father was a high-ranking public official who served as the former secretary-general of the Board of Audit and Inspection, and his grandfather's company recorded 8 trillion won in annual sales in 1984 alone.

The eighth place was actor Lee Yi-kyung. Lee Lee-kyung's father is the former president of a L parent affiliate. It is known that only the company's accumulated remuneration is about 1.5 billion won.

9th place is Seojin Lee. Seo-jin Lee's grandfather was a big hand in the financial world, who served twice as the bank manager, and his father served as the CEO of the A Mutual Credit Bank. Seojin Lee is also said to have worked as a managing director of an asset management company.

Psy, the 10th place, grew up wealthy in a unique diamond spoon family. Psy's grandfather is Park Ki-eok, the president of D Group, a semiconductor manufacturing company. Last year's annual sales alone are said to be around 100 billion won.

[News Inside Reporter Kang Haru news@newsinside.kr]

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