'Memories of Murder' detective chief, senior actor Song Jae-ho dies...
'Memories of Murder' detective chief, senior actor Song Jae-ho dies...
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The film'Gill' was released in 2017.
The movie'Gill' starring Kim Hye-ja and Heo Jin (2017).

Elder actor Song Jae-ho passed away on the 7th. 83 years old.

According to the Korean Broadcasting Actors' Union, Song Jae-ho died that day after suffering from chronic illness for more than a year. The name of the disease was not specifically known.

Born in Pyongyang, North Korea and graduated from Dong-A University's Korean Language and Literature Department, Song Jae-ho made his debut as a voice actor in Busan KBS in 1959. Afterwards, starting with the movie'Haksajang' in 1964, he turned to an actor. In 1968, he was selected as a special talent for KBS.

His major films are'Myth of Sarigol','Ae and Sa','Wedding Dress of Tears','Era of Young Children','Youth Theater','One Star or One','Season of Love', and drama '113. Investigation Headquarters','Homecoming','TV Chunhyangjeon','A tree where love blooms','What does a woman live by' and'Memories of murder'.

In addition, the deceased appeared in the movies'I love you','The Battle of Yeonpyeong', the drama'Sign','The Tracker', and'The Hero of the Town'. His recent films include'The Road','Eom Bok-dong, the King of Bicycles' and'History of Jealousy'. The last work was known as the recently appeared'steady star'.

The deceased was a judge of the International Shooting Federation, so he participated in the 1988 Seoul Olympics as a clay judge and also served as a director of the Korean Shooting Federation. He was also interested in wildlife, so he was also the head of the Wildlife Management Association.

There are 4 boys and 1 daughter as children. The vacancy is Samsung Seoul Hospital, and the number has not been decided yet. Condolences can be made from noon on the 8th.

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