Kang Seong-beom, wife of overseas expedition allegedly, "I only played with 20,000 won given by my wife."
Kang Seong-beom, wife of overseas expedition allegedly, "I only played with 20,000 won given by my wife."
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Kang Seong-beom/Photo = YouTube video capture

Comedian Kang Sung-beom dismissed the suspicion of gambling on overseas expeditions, saying, "It's ridiculous."

According to a report by Spotavi News on the 21st, Kang Sung-beom denied that "the suspicion of being a Philippine casino VIP is absolutely not true."

The media released a picture of Kang Seong-beom watching society at a casino through his YouTuber channel on the 20th, and said, "Kang Sung-beom is a VIP of a Philippine casino. If you know how much, you are watching society in a Philippine casino like this?" "I have received several reports recently. I will continue to disclose the contents in the future," he said.

Kang Seong-beom denied that it was true that he had seen society at an event held in a Philippine casino, but that the gambling suspicion was nonsense.

He said, "I know the people of the Korean Association of the Philippines very well, so I received a lot of invitations to events. Sports competitions, soccer competitions, golf competitions, year-end parties, Christmas events, as well as events held at casinos," he said.

Kang Seong-beom said, "When you go to an event, the Korean Americans will hold your accommodation. It is a place called the City of Dreams (COD), where three hotels are connected by a single underground passage. There is also a casino where gambling is located. I always go with my wife or my family. I received a lot of reports that they saw me, but that's the reason 70% of Koreans at that hotel. When I go there, whether I drink beer or go to casinos, I'm always where Koreans are. Say hello and go around together."

"Is it worthwhile to say that I played a casino (game) with 20,000 won given by my wife? I went to the Philippines to be involved with gangsters and gamblers, and I have a home in the Philippines. They attack driving, drug addiction, and even nonsense. At first, I went over to'I think that's it, but if I stay still, I'll admit it. I'll explain everything through YouTube'mobile TV' tonight."

Meanwhile, Kang Sung-beom is currently running his personal YouTube channel'Kang Sung-beom TV'.

[News Inside Reporter Park Yoojin news@newsinside.kr]

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