"Las" Dindin "Dating with Jo Hyun-young for two weeks? After dating, we broke up on the excuse of a friend"
"Las" Dindin "Dating with Jo Hyun-young for two weeks? After dating, we broke up on the excuse of a friend"
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Photo = MBC'Radio Star' broadcast capture
Photo = MBC'Radio Star' broadcast capture

Rapper Dindin opened his mouth about his past dating with Jo Hyun-young.

In MBC'Radio Star', which aired on the 2nd, Din Dean appeared as a guest and confessed all the anecdotes with fellow rapper Sleepy, starting from the story he met with singer and actor Jo Hyun-young in middle school.

On this day, Dindin said, "I went out of school in the same neighborhood as Jo Hyun-young, and I'm very close. I was the same classmate when I was in the same neighborhood as Cho Hyun-young. But it's not because two weeks have passed. That friend was passionately liking me.”

When the cast members doubted Din Dean's words, he insisted, "I was Liz when I was in the third grade of middle school," and added laughter. “After breaking up (with Cho Hyun-young), I made an excuse for that reason,'I can’t meet you because my friend likes you.’ Then, I made a friend with Jo Hyun-young,” he recalled.

Dindin said, "I talked about this in a private broadcast a while ago, and I heard reporters ask me to clarify it," said Dindin. It will be aired. Okay, please subscribe."

Dindin also boasted Sleepy and'Chin Chin Chemie', who appeared in'Las' together. He said that Sleepy even paid the surrogate money with her mother's card when it was difficult due to the settlement problem with her agency. Sleepy, who even heard the word'beggar', confessed her honest heart.

When Gura Kim asked, "Laughing brightly on the outside, but how about blaming yourself behind?", Sleepy said, "This has changed. I was frustrated in the first place, but later I had confidence. I was confident that I would eat it and shoot if it goes well." I'm not sorry," he said.

Sleepy also revealed how to open Din Dean's wallet. He said, "I like to be praised because Din-Din grew up nicely. It's a style that works when Din-Din is called'Wow' and this is a style that works."

Kim Kook-jin asked Din Dean, "I'm not going to go with you because Sleepy still has good points?" Dindin said, "If I call when I'm tired, I get a lot of strength," and "come right away and give me strength."

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