'Good dog' Lee Gyeong-gyu, tears in dealing with dosa dogs
'Good dog' Lee Gyeong-gyu, tears in dealing with dosa dogs
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Photo = KBS'Dogs are great' broadcast capture
Photo = KBS'Dogs are great' broadcast capture

Lee Gyeong-gyu shed hot tears at the appearance of the dosa dog Darru.

In KBS'Dogs are Great', broadcast on the 21st, the story of Darru, a dosa dog, spread.

Dosa dogs are dogs made by breeding large dogs such as bulldogs and mastiffs with conventional breeds. The body is strong and the physique is large and small, and there are from around 30kg for small dogs to over 100kg for large dogs. Because of his strong strength and patience, he is widely known as a fighting dog.

It was a dog that was born on the edible dog farm introduced on the broadcast that day, and was confined to a farm for six months, and then adopted by a guardian before euthanasia after rescue. The guardian asked Hyung-wook Kang for help because of Daru's dentition and fear of being a dosa dog.

Prior to the training, Lee Kyung-gyu, Jang Do-yeon, and Kim Yo-han were first put into Darone, and while playing dealing with the outsiders who were not interested in, suddenly bitten Kim Yo-han's hand. Lee Gyeong-gyu was curious about Daru's tooth grip, so he put his hand in Daru's mouth and complained of pain.

Afterwards, Hyung-wook Kang started training to fix the problem of Daru, but soon stopped training after discovering the state of Daru's shaking without strength. He pointed out that Darru's body wasn't good and that he couldn't bite properly. "It's not a normal puppy," he said, regretting Darru's condition.

He was showing frequent seizure symptoms. As there was no specific treatment method, the guardians were raising handling in anxiety. Kang Hyung-wook stopped the scheduled training, saying, "We need treatment, not training to deal with. Raising it so that it doesn't hurt is a priority."

After the training was stopped, Lee Gyeong-gyu, Jang Do-yeon, and Kim Yo-han once again visited Darru's house. Lee Gyeong-gyu, who was stroking the stretched taru, suddenly shed tears. He was writing a treat, saying, "I saw a lot of fighting dogs when I was young. I saw a dosa dog in a few decades since I was in elementary school." His tears turned the scene into a sea of tears.

Kang Hyung-wook, who stopped training, suggested, "We will come again. Let's watch it for two more months and decide again to train."

Lee Gyeong-gyu, who returned to the situation room, explained the reason for crying, saying, "I was trying to raise a dosa dog when I was a child."

Kang Hyung-wook also reflected. "It seems like I had a very good experience. Today, I was poor and the guardians were wonderful. I reflect on the behavior of the trainer who spoke bitterly about the overprotection of the guardians," he said.

The guardians said, "I will become a guardian who can achieve everything Daru wants to do."

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