'Alley Restaurant' Ha Seok-jin, engineering student kimchi stew house praised "Recognized delicious! No need to live according to your major"
'Alley Restaurant' Ha Seok-jin, engineering student kimchi stew house praised "Recognized delicious! No need to live according to your major"
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Photo = SBS'Alley Restaurant' broadcast capture
Photo = SBS'Alley Restaurant' broadcast capture

Actor Ha Seok-jin cheered for the kimchi stew house delivered by the presidents from engineering college.

SBS'Alley Restaurant', which aired on the 9th, revealed the last solution for the market alley in Saga. On this day, Ha Seok-jin visited the delivery kimchi stew house as a special guest.

Seong-ju Kim explained that he was "Actor Ha Seok-jin. He is a handsome brain." Then, Baek Jong-won asked, "Why is the brain?", and Seong-ju Kim explained, "I'm smart," and made a laugh.

Next, Kim Seong-ju revealed that Ha Seok-jin and his friend were all engineering students, and Ha Seok-jin said, "There are only five engineering students here, and everyone is doing something different from their majors."

Kim Seong-ju said to Ha Seok-jin, "It is said that they order food delivered 3-4 times a week," and said, "I eat Jeyuk-bokkeum very often and do not enjoy all kinds." Baek Jong-won expected that he would be able to give a necessary evaluation for a kimchi stew house delivered.

Ha Seok-jin and a friend ordered all the kimchi stew, stir-fried jeyuk and wanjajeon. For a cold taste evaluation, he asked, "Please put it in a delivery container as if it were delivered and eaten." The bosses served the food in delivery containers according to his order.

Ha Seok-jin and his party first tried kimchi stew. In response, Ha Seok-jin said, "Mr. Baek Jong-won said that he was ugly, but I can't feel that at all. It's very delicious," and his friend also said, "It's very light and delicious."

The bosses chose domestic minced garlic as an ingredient that creates a clean aftertaste. Ha Seok-jin's friend said, "The meat seems to have changed, too. It seems like I used fresh raw meat." Ha Seok-jin said, "If you leave a delivery review, I'll give you 4 stars. Kimchi stew is not very tasty or special, but it is delicious."

Next, he tried the new stir-fried jeyuk, following the advice of Baek Jong-won. Ha Seok-jin, who usually liked stir-fried Jeyuk, said, "I was worried about what it tasted like because I saw curry and coffee in the broadcast, but it's delicious. It smells like fire and it's really delicious. This is a restaurant."

He continued, "In fact, I was a little worried. I thought that if I went to a restaurant after the broadcast, I would think that I would go to a restaurant, but I came with the idea that the Alley Restaurant may not. But this is the best stir-fried pork I've had recently."

The bosses were sincerely happy and said, "I worked really hard." Ha Seok-jin gave 5 stars to Jeyuk-bokkeum. He praised again, "It's really delicious. It looks like it's going to work."

The last time they ate Wanjajeon. Ha Seok-jin said, "I'm delicious, but the kimchi stew is also oily, but it's oily, so it feels a bit heavy." It's a combination that can make you feel a little guilty because it's a plus oil. It feels like you have to eat and go to the gym."

In response, Ha Seok-jin's friend said, "This is because I don't like jeon, but I like jeon, so it's delicious. It's very light. It's a combination that goes well with kimchi stew."

Baek Jong-won confirmed the review of the delivered kimchi stew restaurant menu. In general, the composition of the side dishes was good, and the kimchi stew, stir-fried jeyuk, and wanjajeon were evaluated as delicious. However, the evaluation of the delayed delivery time and the simpleness of the finished warfare left a regret.

After eating, Ha Seok-jin said, "I feel good to come to a delicious house. I didn't expect it, but it's so delicious." The bosses asked, "Wouldn't it be a little if young people from the department of electronics say that they were in a restaurant?" said Ha Seok-jin, "In fact, I don't have faith. But I don't have to live as my major. I'm too young to decide all of my life at that time." .

Ha Seok-jin advised on his experience as an actor after leaving engineering school. He cheered, "I also had a lot of bumps while doing work that wasn't related to my major. The major is a trace of my hard work up until then. After that, I think I can live hard based on my experience. I want three people to work hard instead of fighting."

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