'On and off' Nam Gyu-ri, thanks to'Tekken,'
'On and off' Nam Gyu-ri, thanks to'Tekken,'
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Photo = tvN'on and off' capture

Nam Gyu-ri revealed an unexpected hobby.

On the 21st, TVN'On and Off' broadcasted Nam Gyu-ri, Girls' Generation's Sunny, and BoA's daily life.

Nam Gyu-ri took violin and ballet lessons. After the violin class, Nam Gyu-ri led the teacher in front of the Tekken game machine, saying, "Teacher, come here for a moment. Fans bought it, but I don't know well." Nam Gyu-ri laughed when he said, "I lost my key and can't take my coins."

The teacher who tried the Tekken for the first time beat Nam Gyu-ri. Nam Gyu-ri, who was defeated 3 consecutive times, said, "Did you try it for the first time? How is it? You're good?"

The panels burst into laughter at Nam Gyu-ri's glowing eyes. Next, Nam Gyu-ri, who beat the teacher, provoked laughter with a smile. Nam Gyu-ri said, "I was more surprised to see that expression for the first time," and Seong Si-kyung said, "It was the funniest of the 29 on-and-off episodes. I think the next work will come in."

Nam Gyu-ri, who beat third place in the Tekken World Champion. When that fact was mentioned, Gyu-ri Nam said, "I think (the opponent) looked at it," he said, "but I practiced for 2 nights and 3 days after putting on a parse. Every time I hit the game, I feel joy."

Meanwhile, Nam Gyu-ri was born in 1984 and is 36 years old this year.

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