'Morning Madang' Kim Hye-yeon, "12 events a day and the jackpot.
'Morning Madang' Kim Hye-yeon, "12 events a day and the jackpot.
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Kim Hye-yeon/Photo = KBS broadcast capture

Singer Kim Hye-yeon confessed her past pain in the morning.

In'Morning Madang', which aired on the 22nd, Kim Hye-yeon said that he was so busy that he once had a song on the rice paddy with 12 events a day.

However, the business failed and faced a big crisis.

Kim Hye-yeon, the mother of four children, confessed to his business failure, saying, "In the third time, there weren't only good things. As I lived hard, I wasn't just singing, I did business, and there was a big crisis. I made a mistake of losing what I had earned."

He confessed, "At that time, the song'It's a snake' came out. There was only about 100,000 won in my bank account. At that time, there was an economic problem that I had to stand on stage until full term."

Kim Hye-yeon said, "'It's a Snake' was written as a weather song for KBS 2TV's '1 Night 2 Days', and the song burst and it was about living a house. It's the song that made a second life, and it was a precious that was able to overcome adversity. It's a song."

"Fourth, when I think about it now, I think,'I shouldn't have to do this." I sang until full term and went on stage after 11 days of giving birth. After cooking at a postpartum care center, I quit going out and hung up on KBS 1TV'National Songs' I went up to the settlement stage, and after 18 days, I went on the stage to receive the KBS'Singer of the Year' and sang," and surprised people around me.

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