The late Hye-mi Woo, today (21st) 1st cycle...released the late album '33'
The late Hye-mi Woo, today (21st) 1st cycle...released the late album '33'
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It is the first cycle since singer Woo Hye-mi passed away.

Today (21st), the 1st period of the late Woo Hye-mi, her last film was released. On this day, Woo Hye-mi's last album '33' was released through major music streaming sites.

Woo Hye-mi/Photo = Downtown ENM
Woo Hye-mi/Photo = Downtown ENM

It is known that the album was produced by Woo Hye-mi's fellow musicians at Howon University and his fellow musicians, and after that, the unpublished sound sources left by the deceased were collected.

The double title songs are'Heaven' and'Typhoon Comes'. Woo Hye-mi was from Mnet's'Voice Korea' season 1 in 2012, and later debuted under the stage name MIWOO at Leessang Company. The last album in my life is the first mini-album'sst' that was released to the world in August 2019.

Woo Hye-mi appeared in the audition program with a unique tone and made a public eye stamp. Lee Ssang-gil said to Woo Hye-mi, who selected'Maria' by Yun Si-nae, “There is no one to sing this song except Woo Hye-mi. Perhaps there will be a change of perception of Voice Korea.”

In addition, he announced the birth of a new musician with a black dress and dark smokey makeup that was unusual at that time.

[News Inside reporter Kim Hye-mi]

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