Jung Joo-ri husband “thanks to real-time”...
Jung Joo-ri husband “thanks to real-time”...
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As Jung Joo-ri's post about her daily life with her husband caused a misunderstanding, he began to evolve.

On the 21st, comedian Joo-ri Jung left a post on her Instagram asking him to refrain from accusing her husband.

Joo-ri Jeong/Photo = Joo-ri Jeong Instagram
Joo-ri Jeong/Photo = Joo-ri Jeong Instagram

On this afternoon, Jung Joo-ri posted two photos with a post titled "I will post what my husband bought for me." The first picture shows Jung Joo-ri drinking alcohol at a large crab restaurant, and the second picture contains the contents of a messenger conversation as if he had shared with her husband.

A message that was supposed to be sent by her husband was followed by a caption with the name of'Jung Joo-ri' floating on the screen of the portal site, and the text "Thank you in real time.

Previously, Jung Joo-ri posted a photo of the food that her husband left for her. Jung Joo-ri said, “I'll eat because I left proud chicken, but where is the cheese topping? Raising a rat at home? Do you eat more chicken? If I didn't see Kakao Talk, I would just go straight to the trash can.”

Jung Joo-ri, who is the party, laughed at this situation with the hashtag of #roots of all diseases #pathetic, but netizens accused her husband of being rude. Since then, the criticism of public opinion has risen, and various online communities as well as comments have flooded protests, and Jung Joo-ri began to evolve.

Meanwhile, Jung Joo-ri's husband is an ordinary person under the age of one. Joo-ri Jung's husband usually had a drink with Joo-ri's colleagues, and the likeness of a friend between the couple was released on social media and became a hot topic.

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