'No. 1'Kim Hak-rae "Son, I live alone" vs. Im Mi-suk "The reason my mother was not No. 1 is my son"
'No. 1'Kim Hak-rae "Son, I live alone" vs. Im Mi-suk "The reason my mother was not No. 1 is my son"
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Hak-Rae Kim, Misook Lim, Dongyoung Kim / Photo =
Hak-Rae Kim, Mi-sook Lim, Dong-young Kim/ Photo = JTBC'I can't be No. 1'capture

Im Mi-suk- Kim Hak-rae's son asked his parents to "don't become number one."

In JTBC's entertainment show'I Can't Be #1', aired on the night of the 20th, the daily lives of Im Mi-sook and Kim Hak-rae were drawn.

On this day, Kim Hak-rae helped Lim Mi-suk who is doing kimchi. He looked at the grocery store and worked on the ingredients, but he was criticized for being poor. My son Dong-young, who came late, was also clumsy in kitchen work, but Im Mi-sook showed different behaviors to her husband and son, which made him laugh. Kim Ji-hye, who saw this, said, "Isn't it too discriminating between the eldest son and the smallest son?"

The studio admired Dongyoung's warm visuals. Dongyoung's appearance has been on the topic since the last'No. 1'broadcast. Park Mi-sun said, "Aren't my sons tall? I had a romantic relationship with a tall man, but I knew how it felt when I crossed my arms with my 183cm son." He added, "When you look at Lee Bong-won, who is shorter than me, the height of your gaze is different."

The son tasted Im Mi-sook's cooking and praised him, saying, "My mother is also good at cooking." Im Mi-sook replied, "The reason my mother is alive, and the reason she doesn't become number 1 is because of her son."

Kim Hak-rae said to his son, "If you can, live alone. Do not have a relationship and marry." Mr. Dong-young urged his parents to "don't become number one."

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