Bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS)'Dynamite' nominated for a Grammy Award
Bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS)'Dynamite' nominated for a Grammy Award
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Photo = KBS news capture
Photo = KBS news capture

Group BTS' first English single,'Dynamite', was ranked No. 1 on the Billboard'Hot 100', and this time they started being nominated for a Grammy Award by foreign media.

According to a report by Nocut News on the 2nd, Forbes magazine in the United States selected BTS as one of the 63rd Grammy Awards'Album of the Year' nominations on the 1st (local time).

About Forbes Magazine's 4th album'Map of the Sol: 7'released in February, "It was released in a language other than English, and Grammy doesn't prefer non-English albums." It was one of the albums with success.

"The fact that'Dynamite' was not on this album's track list, but the fact that it won the historic Billboard singles will remind members who vote for the Grammy how much BTS is loved and successful."

Billboard also named BTS as one of the 18 pop stars that could be nominated for the Grammy Award.

Billboard predicted that the title song'On' and the single'Dynamite' could be nominated for the Grammy'Best Pop Duo Group' and'Album of the Year'.

Meanwhile, the Grammy Awards are the most prestigious in the American popular music world.

The 63rd Grammy Award nominees will be announced at the end of this year and an awards ceremony will be held on January 31 of next year, but the format of the awards ceremony is flexible due to the Corona 19 incident.

[News Inside reporter Kim Hee-sun news@newsinside.kr]

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