'Pyeon Restaurant' Hagam, a shaggy face → first unveiled a 1,000-pyeong hanok residence
'Pyeon Restaurant' Hagam, a shaggy face → first unveiled a 1,000-pyeong hanok residence
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Photo = Provided by KBS2'Pyeon Restaurant'
Handagam/Photo = KBS2'Pyeon Restaurant' provided

Handagam reveals her daily life.

On the 21st, KBS2's'New Release Edition' (hereinafter referred to as'Edition Restaurant') will first appear as a surprise chef. Interest and expectations are focused on the daily life and menu development of Handagam, the pronoun of'Chado-nyeo'.

In the recent recording, Handagam appeared 100% unfamiliar as soon as he woke up. The simple skincare method that you can't believe is an actress also attracts attention.

On the other hand, a 1,000-pyeong hanok mansion in Handagam was also revealed for the first time. This is the home of Handagam's parents. It is said that they all opened their mouths and were amazed at the beautiful and quiet hanok mansion that would be mistaken for a hanok hotel.

Along with this, the cooking skills of Handagam, which are unique from DNA, were also revealed. On this day, Handagam finished the delicious home-cooked meals such as cuttlefish duruchigi and pumpkin leaf miso stew, and the reason for his cooking skill was revealed, which surprised everyone. That he learned to cook from his father over his shoulder. As if to prove this, everyone in the studio couldn't shut up with the father's cooking of exceptional skill.

In addition, the story of Handagam's marriage goal last January and the story of Handagam's parents who were shocked by the news of their daughter's marriage will be released.

Today (21st) 9:40 pm broadcast.

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