'Postpartum care center' Lim Hwa-young, Mugwort → Mommy... Obsessed with Raon, a child of Thumb Won
'Postpartum care center' Lim Hwa-young, Mugwort → Mommy... Obsessed with Raon, a child of Thumb Won
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Im Hwa-young's loss of a child and runaway from episode 7 of the tvN drama'Postpartum Care Center' aired on the 23rd was broadcast./Photo = tvN'Postpartum Care Center' broadcast capture
In episode 7 of the tvN drama'Postpartum Care Center', which was broadcast on the 23rd, Im Hwa-young lost a child and got on the air./Photo = tvN'Postpartum Care Center' broadcast capture

Im Hwa-yeong, who had lost her child, was runaway.

In episode 7 of the tvN drama'Postpartum Care Center', which aired on the 23rd, the story after Park Yoon-ji (Im Hwa-young), a mother who had grown up, left her child at the hospital was drawn.

On this day, Park Yoon-ji couldn't accept the death of Suk-suk, and was fierce in front of the house. He appealed, "I can't. I can't. Just let me live as a mother even while in the kitchen. Just like normal mothers."

Joo-won's mothers did not know the secret of Suk Suk. Looking at Park Yoon-ji, who is in a collapsed form, he said, "What would be the heart of the mother who leaves the child there? I must come next to her as soon as possible."

Park Yoon-ji recommended'Geon-woo' to Oh Hyun-jin (Um Ji-won), who is contemplating the name of his son Tak-Pul-i. He hid his death and lied, saying, "Because he is not a caster, he cannot use the opposite of his in-laws."

However, Oh Hyun-jin's choice was'Raon', which her husband Kim Do-yoon (Yun-bak) built himself. Kim Do-yoon explained the reason for the naming, "It means that Raon is fun in pure Korean. Life will not be easy, but I hope that he will be a solid child who can happily overcome any difficulties."

After confirming that the name of Takpuli became Raon, Park Yoonji was angry, saying, "Why is the name of Takpuli Raon. Didn't you decide to name it Geonwoo? Why are you changing it suddenly. How good is that name for Takpuli?" Oh Hyun-jin drew a line saying, "Thank you for thinking about us, but the name of the baby is decided by my parents. It's hard to understand that my mother is doing this."

Park Yoon-ji was runaway. When he returned to the room, he exclaimed, "I am not a mother. I am not like a mother!" Park Yoon-ji looked at the CCTV with a mad look and took a note, saying,'Mom will pick you up.'

Park Yoon-ji went to Oh Hyun-jin's room and hugged him. Oh Hyun-jin felt a strange feeling for Park Yoon-ji, who was obsessed with Takpuri. When Oh Hyun-jin asked, "Isn't it my mother who sent me a gift?" Park Yoon-ji replied coldly, saying, "Yes, I sent my mother to get a little bit more conscious. But there was nothing different."

He said when Oh Hyun-jin called himself a shy mother, "I'm not a shy mother. Do you think you deserve a real mother? It's hard every day. You think about reinstatement after a child, as if you were unhappy because you were born." It's you. You're not ready. If you came to me, it would have been different. If you came to me, it would have been nice," he shouted.

Oh Hyun-jin felt a crisis and asked for an answer, but Park Yoon-ji had no intention of giving a child. At the moment of crisis, director Choi Hye-suk (Jang Hye-jin) and Park Yoon-ji's husband appeared. The director persuaded Park Yoon-ji to remove the problem, and Park Yoon-ji was held in the arms of her husband, and he was sullen.

Oh Hyun-jin later learned the story of Park Yoon-ji, who had the same name as his child. He had undergone test-tube procedures, but he miscarried several times and had a painful story of having a difficult pregnancy and even giving birth. I had a hard time giving birth, but in the end I had to let the child go. Oh Hyun-jin shed tears in sympathy with Park Yoon-ji's sadness.

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