'All-in' brain game-song confrontation'start of war'.
'All-in' brain game-song confrontation'start of war'.
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Photo = tvN'All In'
Photo = tvN'All In'

tvN Chuseok's special vocal betting show'All In' begins the long-awaited vocal war.

'All-in' (directed by Chul-ki Min and Beom-seok Kim), which airs for the first time at 10:30 pm on the 27th and Sunday, is a brain game music show where talented vocalists of all genres gather and decide the final winner through a betting battle. The world's first music show combined with the subject of'betting' provides not only splendid singing skills, but also the fun of watching a strategic fight between vocalists.

In the first episode, five female vocalists appear and unfold an unexpected song confrontation. Vocalists who don't know each other's singing style will have a brain fight for victory, sometimes using elaborate and sometimes bold strategies with their partners. With increasing curiosity about who will be the first winner of Glory, I pointed out the points of watching the first broadcast.

■ Collaboration between betting and music, the birth of a musical entertainment that you have never seen before

The vocalist and partner of'All-in' who formed a team will decide the bet amount according to their beliefs and strategies when the confrontation song is released. As the team with the highest betting amount can preempt the microphone and point out the opponent, it is expected that a highly discerning fight to catch the microphone is expected. The production crew said, “Each team sets the bet amount considering various variables to win a song with confidence or to avoid a song without confidence. The process by which the vocalist who preoccupied the microphone chooses the opponent for the match will also be interesting,” he explained. “In fact, a series of reversals that reversed everyone's expectations every round continued.” He added curious questions to the unique collaboration between betting and music. .

■ From freelance actors to YouTubers, talented vocalists are dispatched

The five female vocalists who appear in the first episode are said to be talented groups who are active in various fields such as Korean music and vocal music. Various professions, from freelance actors to YouTubers, are expected to appear on the stage and show off their skills generously, bringing thrill and emotion. Evaluators Kim Na, K.Will, Muji, and Hong Jin-young, who saw the vocalists' brilliant singing skills and stage manners, admired each other, saying, “It was a superbly beautiful moment” and “I saw the most wonderful song I have heard of others recently” The back door raises anticipation.

■ The final match, the unidentified final singer

The vocalist who has collected the most prize money through six song contests will face off against an unknown final singer. The amount that the vocalist can take from as little as 0 won to as many as tens of millions of won is known, depending on the progress of the confrontation with the final singer and the victory or defeat, so a tense strategic fight is predicted until the end. The production crew said, “I am confident that the first final singer will be a character that exceeds the expectations of viewers. "I ask you to watch the exciting journey together to see if the vocalist, who became the last one, will face off against the final singer."

Meanwhile,'All-in' is a program jointly developed and produced by CJ ENM and US content producer and distributor Propagate.

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