Black Pink Rose and Lisa reveal personal teaser ahead of comeback... A noir-like atmosphere
Black Pink Rose and Lisa reveal personal teaser ahead of comeback... A noir-like atmosphere
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Black Pink / Photo = YG Entertainment

Black Pink released a personal teaser video for each member five days before their comeback, attracting the attention of global fans.

YG Entertainment posted a teaser video of Rosé and Lisa's first album'THE ALBUM' on their official blog at 9 am on the 27th.

In the dark space, Rose and Lisa drew attention with their backs walking toward somewhere. Their lonely atmosphere in a dark background where only a little noise is heard reminded me of a noir movie.

Rose, who caught the eye with a long silver-toned hair color, turned to the camera, exuding a chic charm. Since then, Rosé's expression, seen by the irregularly shining lights, has a faint and fatal loneliness.

Lisa appeared with a jacket studded with dark charisma. Following this, Lisa's appearance with contradicting her hair and clothes as well as her facial expressions crossed, and he charmed the viewer who perfectly digested the smoke with her empty eyes.

The concept of'THE ALBUM' personal poster, which was released earlier, was continued in this teaser video, and fans' curiosity about the regular album grew. Particularly, some very short sounds that seem to suggest a new song in the second half of the teaser video were included, raising the expectation even more.

Black Pink releases the entire song of their first full album'THE ALBUM', which has been prepared for a long time after 4 years of debut, on October 2. As it is aimed at the global market, the opening time is 0 o'clock Eastern time in the US and 1 PM on the same day in Korea time.

Black Pink gained a sense of presence in the global music market by successively hitting the pre-release singles'How You Like That' and'Ice Cream' of the first regular album'THE ALBUM'.

'How You Like That' has made remarkable achievements, such as winning the MTV Video Music Awards in the United States and becoming the'Best Song of the Summer' selected by YouTube. In addition,'Ice Cream' with Selena Gomez reached 13th on the US Billboard's'Hot 100' chart, self-renewing on the highest ranking of K-pop girl groups, and succeeded in charting for three consecutive weeks.

These two songs added meaning in that they each showed the opposite charms of Black Pink. While'How You Like That' featured Black Pink's unique girl crush and intense performance from hip-hop bass music,'Ice Cream' was a pop genre song with a cute and refreshing concept they first tried.

Black Pink's 1st regular album'THE ALBUM' physical album will be released on October 6th in online and offline stores nationwide. The pre-released single's'Popular Twinkle' and Black Pink's'THE ALBUM' 1st pre-orders were counted as 800,000 copies in 6 days of pre-sale.

[News Inside reporter Taeyoung Kim]

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