'Zombie Detective' Choi Jin-hyuk, "Today is a different person"
'Zombie Detective' Choi Jin-hyuk, "Today is a different person"
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최진혁 / Photo = 최진혁 Instagram
최진혁 / Photo = 최진혁 Instagram

Actor Choi Jin-hyuk, who appeared in'Zombie Detective', caught the eye with his sculptural features.

Choi Jin-hyuk recently posted a photo on his Instagram with the words "Today is a different person."

In the published photo, Choi Jin-hyuk is sitting in a restaurant and eating.

In particular, Choi Jin-hyuk's black fashion caught the attention of viewers.

In addition, Choi Jin-hyuk's sharp jaw line and narrow nose made viewers admire.

Meanwhile, Choi Jin-hyuk took on the role of Kim Moo-young in KBS2's new monthly drama'Zombie Detective'.

In'Zombie Detective', Choi Jin-hyuk, Park Joo-hyun, Hwang Bo-ra, and Jung Chae-yul appear.

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