Lee Chan-won, proud of his best-in-class beauty, "뽕ᆼᆼᆼᆼᆨᆨᆨᆼᅩ 청 lol
Lee Chan-won, proud of his best-in-class beauty, "뽕ᆼᆼᆼᆼᆨᆨᆨᆼᅩ 청 lol
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Chanwon Lee/Photo = Instagram capture

On the 17th, Chanwon Lee showed off the V-line.

Wednesday yichanwon will "Did you send today a happy day? ^^ Mulberry sungah Institute also did well to watch? ^^ Thank you for watching today, the Mulberry sungah Institute on their Instagram tomorrow! Will you love watching the Call Center? 10:00? Wednesday afternoon <Mulberry sungah Institute> !! Thursday at 10 pm are <Call Center of love "always !! Thank you to the many people who gave heartfelt cheer! I love giving day today also suffered many a day syeotdeon you tomorrow ~ #Pongsungahkdang #Love Call Center #F4 #Kwan Sooyeon #Kwangjungahakdang #Love Call Center #F4 #Kwan Sooyeon #Kwang Min-Ho #Kwang-Jeong #Na #F4 Two photos were posted along with the article "Kim Jung-yeon".

In the published photo, Lee Chan-won is taking a selfie while showing off a thin jaw line. The white skin, pink lips, and idol hairstyle match, making his beauty shine even more.

Fans are posting various comments on this post, such as, "Please confiscate the application. You have enough beauty as a basic camera," "It was so fun", "Good work", etc.

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