'Day and Night' Kim Seol-hyun, current Kim Chang-wan shocked the reality... Nam Gung-min, found a secret laboratory
'Day and Night' Kim Seol-hyun, current Kim Chang-wan shocked the reality... Nam Gung-min, found a secret laboratory
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Photo = tvN'day and night' broadcast capture
Photo = tvN'day and night' broadcast capture

Seolhyun Kim was shocked to know the reality of Changwan Kim.

On the TVN'Day and Night' broadcast on the 28th, Gong Hye-won (Kim Seol-hyun) was drawn to know the reality of Gong Il-do (Kim Chang-wan).

On this day, Do Jeong-woo (Nam Gung-min) visited the institute of Gongildo. Gong Il-do greeted Do Jung-woo calmly, saying, "I grew up a lot. If I had encountered it by chance, I would not know it." Do Jung-woo said, "I don't think I'm going to say hello to each other. I've applied my formula to the secret laboratory where the experiment is going on, the location of the grant, and your sir. So, even now, when I'm over 100, I'm very healthy. I don't know," he threatened.

Gong Il-do said, "What you did is a miracle. Only an eight-year-old child found the answer that everyone was looking for. You found a formula that allows people to live forever. Why did you erase some of the completed formula?" I mentioned what happened.

Do Jung-woo made a biochemical formula containing a way for a person to live forever while undergoing a biological experiment in White Night Village as a child. He said, "Do you have any official thoughts in your mind? Can't you feel the feeling of guilt? Young children who don't know what the world is yet, their brains burst and die. Didn't you have any heartaches watching it?"

However, Gong Il-do showed the appearance of a cold-blooded man who nailed himself, saying, "Anyone who has a heartache to see a laboratory mouse dying does not deserve to be a scientist."

Do Jung-woo threatened, "It's fair. I don't think that the lab mouse will be hurt by the pain the scientist will feel," and Gong Il-do said, "If you kill me, will Hye-won forgive you?" Do Jung-woo said, "It's your daughter who is suffering in the end. That's what I put next to him," and put a syringe into Gong Il-do's neck.

Do Jung-woo said, "Only dying and living was equal, but I almost changed it. What would the world be like if only the powerful could live forever. Isn't it terrible just thinking about it? Say. Secret laboratory. And where is the grant now?" I blamed it. But just in time, people related to the research institute came in, and Do Jung-woo escaped.

Meanwhile, Gong Hye-won found and questioned Son Min-ho (Choi Jin-ho), who was the leader of the village in White Night, in a group photo in the laboratory of Gongildo. On his laptop at the police station, he checked a video related to the White Night Village 28 years ago. In the video, I was shocked to learn that the children were undergoing human testing in the village at White Night, and that Gong Il-do was involved in the biological experiment.

Do Jung-woo took the children from the welfare center and found out that the secret experiment was still underway. Do Jung-woo said, "You're right," while looking for data related to the secret laboratory.

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