'Icon Tact' Daniel, announcer Kim Yeon-jin and blind date "♥ Do you like Signal Ssambap?"
'Icon Tact' Daniel, announcer Kim Yeon-jin and blind date "♥ Do you like Signal Ssambap?"
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Photo = Channel A'Icon Tact' broadcast capture
Photo = Channel A'Icon Tact' broadcast capture

Only Daniel Linde had a blind date with announcer Kim Yeon-jin.

On the 23rd broadcast of Channel A's'Icon Tact', Daniel Lindemann's best friend Alberto and Lucky took off on a blind date prepared.

Daniel couldn't hide his tension on the first blind date of his life. He was in a state of nervous tension that a blind date might have a foresight that he is not fun because he is German. At the same time, he said, "Yeah, let's praise it first" and planned how to release the atmosphere.

Finally, the door opened and Daniel Lindemann's blind date came in and sat down. A strange tension flowed while the partition was blocking my view. The blinds finally opened, and when Daniel made eye contact with the blind girl, a smile spread on his face.

MC Lee Sang-min did not miss this and caught a favorable signal saying, "I still have a smile on Daniel's face."

Daniel's blind date was announcer Kim Yeon-jin. As soon as Daniel saw the announcer Kim Yeon-jin, "I heard a whisper when I first came in, but from the whisper I was beautiful," he praised "Let's be beautiful."

Daniel showed a manly and powerful figure. He was admired by answering the question of announcer Kim Yeon-jin, "Can I call you Daniel," he said, "Just call me Daniel's brother." Suggested and naturally touched.

Daniel, who promised to mention ssambap if you like it, and spicy food if you don't like it when the food story comes out before the blind date. They all eat well, but they usually eat Korean food well. But, "Do you like ssambap?"

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