'While running', Seonmi 父 appeared in surprise.
'While running', Seonmi 父 appeared in surprise.
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Photo = Mnet'While Running' broadcast capture
Photo = Mnet'While Running' broadcast capture

Singer Sunmi's father appeared in surprise while'running' and presented a crab.

Mnet's'While Running' aired on the 23rd contained a scene where Sunmi and Hani, Yoo, and Chu run together.

On this day, Sunmi went out to greet the guests who came to the hostel. Outside the door, Seon-mi's father was usually standing with a box, and Stern was surprised and cheered. Sunmi enjoyed introducing her father to the members.

In an interview with the production crew, Sunmi said, "My father didn't mix with a drop of blood, but he sent my three brothers and sisters to college and raised him like a child. Thank you so much from Dad. So, I wanted to raise my father's age. Sunmi is proud of being my daughter. "I wanted to introduce you to my dad."

There was someone who envied Seonmi's proud father. I asked right away. He said, "I was envious. I had little time with my father," and said, "I was worried about whether we were coming to Pohang by force, but I was endlessly grateful and precious."

Sunmi became a unit with a toddler and said, "I was curious about a person called you. I asked who I wanted to run with, so I replied'infant'." Yoo said, "I said, "I'm an older sister too," he said.

In a previous interview, Yoo said, "There are a lot of things in common with Sunmi's sister that I was worried about. I think I'll be comforted and I feel relieved."

Sunmi laughed, saying, "When I ran in Seosan, I had a lot of thoughts. When I was running with Sia, I was happy because it was funny to just run together without saying anything."

Yoo said, "Isn't there anybody who is going to be affectionate for no reason. My sister is that kind of person to me. So, when I saw her, I really liked it." Sunmi also expressed her heartfelt heart, saying, "We met each other at the right timing."

Cheong-ha gave warm comfort to his partner, Chu. During the conversation after finishing the run, Cheong-ha praised "I had something to say to Chu. I sing very well." Earlier, Chue said, "I can't do anything good at singing and dancing." Cheongha looked for and monitored Chu's activities and said, "The voice is pretty and mature," and showed a meticulous aspect that instilled confidence in Chu.

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