Yoon Hyung-bin's tears at'Baby Shower' commemorating Jung Kyung-mi's easy delivery, "I'm ashamed as a husband"
Yoon Hyung-bin's tears at'Baby Shower' commemorating Jung Kyung-mi's easy delivery, "I'm ashamed as a husband"
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Photo = JTBC'I can't be No. 1'capture

Yoon Hyung-bin and Kim Ji-hye prepared a baby shower party for Jung Kyung-mi, who is about to give birth.

On the afternoon of the 20th, JTBC'Can't be No. 1'depicts Yoon Hyung-bin and Kim Ji-hye planning an event for Jung Kyung-mi.

Kim Ji-hye, who came to Yun Hyung-bin's house, mentioned the event that Yoon Hyung-bin had done to Jung Gyeong-mi in the past, and explained the reason for his arrival, saying, "It was not an event that women want to receive." Yoon Hyung-bin responded, "I had the thought of having an event that echoed women's hearts, but I thought,'If Kim Ji-hye helps me, I could succeed.'"

Kim Gyeong-ah and Onami started shooting, saying, "I ran in fear of ruining the party or the party." Jihye Kim has prepared finger food catering in advance. In addition, they even matched the pure white baby shower costume.

Kim Kyung-ah and Onami sighed when Yun Hyung-bin presented the shabu-shabu electric pot as a gift. Yun Hyung-bin, who intuited the atmosphere, said, "I thought so, so I prepared something else," and took out a bouquet and a money bag. Kim Ji-hye was relentless and presented the birthstone necklace she prepared in advance. When the four people completely finished the baby shower, Jung Kyung-mi entered the house.

As soon as Jung Gyeong-mi saw Yoon Hyeong-min wearing a tuxedo, he was ashamed of the event, but was delighted with the event just for himself. Jung Kyung-mi blew his eyes, saying, "I'm going to tears." Yoon Hyung-bin also admired the appearance of Jung Gyeong-mi, who changed into a pure white dress, saying, "It's pretty." Jung Kyung-mi was satisfied, saying, "It's definitely different because a woman prepares it. I like my husband wearing a suit."

In particular, Yoon Hyung-bin was moved by tears, saying, "I thought that Kim Ji-hye did this, but as a husband, I felt ashamed." Yun Hyung-bin finished the event successfully by hanging a birthstone necklace to his wife and reading a handwritten letter.

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