'No. 1'Panic Disorder Overcoming Trip, Im Mi-sook "The Day I Waking Up After 35 Years"
'No. 1'Panic Disorder Overcoming Trip, Im Mi-sook "The Day I Waking Up After 35 Years"
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Comedian Im Mi-sook said, "I've been traveling with Kyung-ae in 35 years since I went on a trip in 1985."

In the 30th episode of'I can't be the 1st issue' aired at JTBC on the afternoon of the 20th, Misuk Lim, Kyungae Lee, Kyungsil Lee and Miseon Park's trip to Sokcho was drawn. The four were gathered for Im Mi-sook's trip in 35 years.

Park Mi-seon revealed that he had planned the trip for Im Mi-sook, saying, "I hadn't been on a trip before, so I wasn't sure I was at home." Park Mi-sun continued, "If it's hard to go, tell me anytime. You can come back on the way."

Im Mi-sook was also the first to take a rest area in 35 years. Im Mi-suk, who is excited like a child, said, "It's better because I'm talking about sickness. I was going to divorce Kim Hak-rae, but I'm living well because of this broadcast."

Im Mi-sook, who arrived in Sokcho and saw the sea, rejoiced, "Today is the day I broke my eggs. The clouds welcome me."

Afterwards, the party arrived at the cart. Im Mi-sook, who was unable to drive after suffering from panic disorder, said, "It has been 30 years since I haven't driven." He confessed, "I was trembling because I held the steering wheel after 30 years. I felt like I was in a real car. I was nervous if I could do well."

Afterwards, Park Mi-seon and Lee Gyeong-ae escorted Im Mi-sook by running with Mi-sook Lim, who was driving carefully. Thanks to this, Im Mi-sook, who found confidence, enjoyed driving with a bright expression.

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