The power of'fandom' gathered in a crisis...
The power of'fandom' gathered in a crisis...
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Hojoong Kim
Hojung Kim/ Photo = Warner Music Korea

Kim Ho-joong wrote a big record with two 500,000 albums this year alone.

After the release of Kim Ho-joong's classic album and album on the 11th and 18th, respectively, the album sales on the first day of the release, combined with the two of them ranked first and second in the Hanteo Chart album category, have exceeded 470,000.

As a result, Kim Ho-joong set a major record of 1 million copies in total sales with only two albums, including'The Classic Album', including 530,000 copies of the initial sales of'My Family', the first regular album (the first week after release).

On the 11th and 18th, Hojoong Kim previously released the sound source and album of the classic mini-album'THE CLASSIC ALBUM', respectively.

The Classical Album' consists of Italian songs and folk songs sung by tenor Kim Ho-joong. It is evaluated for contributing to the popularization of classics as well as re-recognition of trot. It is also an example of how powerful Kim Ho-jung's fandom is.

Kim Ho-joong was also controversial outside of music. Before joining the military, he was constantly struck by discord with the production crew of TV Chosun'Mist Trot', controversy with former managers, noise related to military service, assault on ex-girlfriend, and suspicion of sports gambling. In such a crisis, his fandom became more concentrated, and it seems that he set a record for record sales.

Apart from the controversy in his personal life, the record of selling 1 million albums during the year by a singer showing off a wide spectrum of music such as trot, vocal music, and ballad is unlikely to be easily broken for the time being.

[News Inside Reporter Jeong Yong-in]

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