Jo Ji-hoon and Yoon Hyeong-bin advocate "Aggression and assault fact NO…Provide accommodation and meals to Mr. A and even pay hospital expenses"
Jo Ji-hoon and Yoon Hyeong-bin advocate "Aggression and assault fact NO…Provide accommodation and meals to Mr. A and even pay hospital expenses"
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Photo-Jo Ji Hoon SNS
Photo-Jo Ji Hoon SNS

On the 18th, comedian Jo Ji-hoon (singer active name Jako) refuted the suspicion that Yoon Hyung-bin helped assault and violently against aspiring comedians.

On this day, Ji-hoon Jo posted a long article on his SNS and explained the entire case surrounding Mr. A and Hyung-bin Yoon. He said,'After dropping out of school at the time and running away from school in 2016, Yoon Hyung-bin heard the situation that'I want to learn gag' from Mr. A, who had no place to stay. For nearly two years, he provided lodgings at the small theater in Yun Hyung-bin, and spent his personal expenses so that he could take the GED, and took care of him. Then in 2017, Yoon Hyung-bin left the small theater and there was no contact since then.

Subsequently,'I contacted Yoon Hyung-bin since last November and asked for money, saying'I will inform the media about the past. Yoon Hyung-bin said,'If you ask for help without threatening, you can help as much as you can, but don't do this.' But the friend asked Yoon Hyung-bin to pay for his father's hospital expenses, saying,'It was because he felt sorry for his past colleagues. . Yoon Hyung-bin said,'If you have money later, please pay it back' and sent 3 million won.'

Cho Ji-hoon also explained in relation to overdue wages. He said,'In the small theater Yun Hyung-bin, there are several comedians and new actors, and these friends practiced and gained experience by performing comedy. In the process, a certain amount of work is done for the performance, and the sound and lighting that the friend claims are also applicable. At that time, the performance was held once on a Friday, three times on a Saturday, and twice on a Sunday for an hour and a half. Even if he gave 100 concessions and the friend was in charge of the job and converted it into working hours, the time was only 9 hours per week (one performance, one hour and 30 minutes, a total of six performances per week), which was calculated as wages at the time. The amount was less than 300,000 won per month (the minimum wage at the time was 6470 won). Nevertheless, Yoon Hyung-bin was paying an additional 500,000 won while providing accommodation and meals to inquirers at the time. In this situation, he raised his voice, saying,'I wonder which part is called overdue wages?'

Jo Ji-hoon was the last to say, ``I am a comedian, and my fellow comedians, including myself, were given education on the composition and acting of a comedian, and I tried all of my efforts to get that friend on the stage as he wanted, but I couldn't because of lack of competence." Insisted.

Meanwhile, on the 17th, after introducing himself as a comedian wannabe to an online community on the 17th, Mr. A posted an article stating that he was violently abused and abused by officials at Yoon Hyung-bin's small theater.

Yoon Hyung-bin's agency, Yoon So Group, said in a statement on the following day, ``Yun Hyung-bin wrote a false disclosure statement and disseminated it online, and additionally sued the Busan Southern Police Station for defamation and dissemination of false information. I was still a young friend and a friend who had been with me in a small theater, so I had to endure two months of intimidation and blackmail to solve it well. But what came back was defamation. Yun Hyung-bin Small Theater is a concert hall operated with conviction. We had no choice but to take legal action to protect the hall's honor.'

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