'Mistrot 2'Navi-Space A Kim Hyun-jung-Seiya Kim Yeon-ji, the former years shake the stage
'Mistrot 2'Navi-Space A Kim Hyun-jung-Seiya Kim Yeon-ji, the former years shake the stage
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Photo = TV Chosun'Mistrot 2'broadcast capture
Photo = TV Chosun'Mistrot 2'broadcast capture

Stars of the old age who can know everything just by hearing their names shake the stage of'Mistrot 2'.

In TV Chosun's'Mistrot 2', which aired on the 17th, members of the 13th year of their debut and the 187th year of their debut together gathered in the former part.

The first runner of the former was Chae Eun-jung in 22 years. Chae Eun-jung boasted of her sexy charm with'Opaya', but only received 8 hearts and drank the high score of dropout.

The 13-year-old singer Nabi has also returned as a Trot newborn. Nabi announced the news of her pregnancy while preparing for'Mistrot 2'. He said, "Because he was born while preparing Mistrot, he named it Tdong. It means Trot's beloved child, cutie, and sonung. He is prenatal with Trot."

Nabi selected'The Best You', and received an all-heart with outstanding skills that could not be considered a ballad singer. Jang Yoon-jung praised, "This is my younger brother who sang a song at my wedding. I practiced so much that I pressed the heart without noticing. Thank you for letting me press without noticing."

Space A's main vocalist Kim Hyun-do challenged the trot. As soon as Kim Hyun-jung said "Space A that enjoyed the 90s," both the masters and the participants were surprised. The trot challenge of famous singers from all generations was unfamiliar.

He said, "It's been 13 years since I've been married to the pastor. It's not easy to get permission, but he said he was going to'Mistrot', so he told me to do it. If I was going to do it, I was challenged by cheering him on."

Kim Hyun-jung evoked nostalgia in the 90s with'Saturday Night'. I really enjoyed the joy of passing All Heart with my singing skills and voice that did not change anything from'Year of the Past'. Park Sun-joo, Kim Hyun-jung's teacher, shed tears, saying, "I didn't know why the masters were crying when I looked outside," and expressed gratitude, saying, "It's a friend I loved and loved because I was really good at singing. Thank you so much for giving me courage."

If Kim Hyun-jung rang Park Seon-ju, it was Seeya’s Kim Yeon-ji who rang Jo Young-soo. As soon as Jo Young-soo saw Kim Yeon-ji, she could not hide her tears. Kim Yeon-ji was crying when he saw this. Kim Yeon-ji managed to capture the emotions and completed the stage like a musical with Lee Mi-ja's'others'. Kim Yeon-ji went straight to the finals with All Heart.

Jo Young-soo said, "Si-ya was the most cherished singer, and See-ya recently wrote a song to reunite, but it was gone. I didn't even think that Yeon-ji would come out here, but I applaud the challenge, but I still want to remain as See-ya." .

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