'Las' Eom Young-soo "The third marriage in the US in January next year...
'Las' Eom Young-soo "The third marriage in the US in January next year...
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Photo = MBC'Radio Star' broadcast capture
Photo = MBC'Radio Star' broadcast capture

Eom Young-soo, who was renamed from Eom Yong-soo, announced that he is about to marry in the United States in January next year.

In MBC's'Radio Star' broadcast on the 16th, Um Young-soo, Nancy Lang, Ham Yeon-ji, and George appeared as a special feature of'The World is Yo Ji-kyung'.

On this day, Eom Young-soo said, "I lived in a blue and hard way, but I changed my name to live happily. I am about to marry a 10-year-old bride in the United States next January. I asked a special person to give me officiating."

The main character of the week was none other than the son of a bride-to-be. He explained why he asked for officiating, saying, "The prospective bride is a Christian and her son is a pastor." Gura Kim said, "When I remarry, my children usually get together."

Jang Seong-gyu, who went to Special MC, asked, "If it doesn't excuse me, is there a target number of marriages?" and Eom Young-soo said, "The time we stay on earth is very short. If the moment of separation comes, we have to love again as soon as possible. Love is Since it is the most sublime thing, if love is empty, you must immediately put in love.” He opened his own introduction to love studies.

In response, Kim Goo-ra asked, "Do you ever think that (married in January next year) might be wrong with this person?", and Eom Young-soo said, "I never got married to divorce while getting married," making the scene a sea of laughter.

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