'Las' Nancy Lang "Wang Jin-jin'prison motivation' and organized fraud…100% winning divorce in 3 years"
'Las' Nancy Lang "Wang Jin-jin'prison motivation' and organized fraud…100% winning divorce in 3 years"
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Photo = MBC'Radio Star' broadcast capture
Photo = MBC'Radio Star' broadcast capture

Pop artist Nancy Lang revealed the reason for divorce from ex-husband Wang Jin-jin.

In MBC's'Radio Star' broadcast on the 16th, Nancy Lang appeared and said, "I finally won 100% of the divorce lawsuit in 3 years." It ended in a circle," he said.

Nancy Lang said, "In conclusion, I've been deceived, but I think I've experienced all the bad things that a woman can face over the past three years. It's like a comprehensive set of unhappiness. More than 11 charges including threats to illegally spread sex videos, confinement for domestic violence, etc. I have suffered," he confessed.

What made Nancy Lang the most difficult was the threat of illegal distribution of sex videos. He said, "At that time, I was in a very difficult state, too. I had to stay at the house of my close film company's representative sister for only one day, and I was in shelter for two and a half months. At that time, the threat of distributing videos broke out and it was really hard. If I hadn't been at, I would have made an extreme choice.”

Jang Seong-gyu, who appeared as a special MC on this day, asked straight-forwardly, "Why did you marry against the whole people?"

In December 2017, Nancy Lang and Wang Jin-jin became a legal couple after registering the marriage. However, after marriage, it was discovered that he was a fraudster to a sex offender wearing an electronic anklet. Nevertheless, Nancy Lang said, "I believe in my husband," but after that, it became known that he was imprisoned, including assault, leading to a divorce lawsuit.

Nancy Lang said, "Everyone around me who learned more than me was being deceived. I believed it because the business was in progress." He was shocked by saying, “I made a team and made a morale.”

For this reason, Nancy Lang is currently in debt of 980 million won. He said, "Wang Jin-jin used his house as a mortgage as well as debentures, owing a debt of 800 million won and paying an interest of 6 million won a month," he said, creating regret.

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