'Alley Restaurant' Baek Jong-won goes to Pohang for controversy
'Alley Restaurant' Baek Jong-won goes to Pohang for controversy
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Photo = SBS'Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant' broadcast capture
Photo = SBS'Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant' broadcast capture

Baek Jong-won headed to Pohang to see the owner of the Dokjukjip, suffering from plagiarism.

At SBS's'Baek Jong-won's Alley Restaurant', which aired on the 16th, the appearance of Baek Jong-won comforting the owner of a pohang house, who suffered from plagiarism, spread.

'Dongjukjip' had a hard time in October, engulfed in controversy about theft of an unexpected menu. As soon as he heard the news, Baek Jong-won urgently visited Pohang to listen to his own bells and whistles.

The owner of the Duck Juk house, who requested SOS from the production team for theft of the menu, shed tears at Baek Jong-won's surprise visit. After appearing on the broadcast, he did not pack to preserve the taste and made and sold 100 bowls a day with his sisters. Even in the midst of his busy schedule, he was working hard to develop the store by steadily writing his journal for store management and new menu development.

For the owner of such a bowl, the menu theft was a shock. "I want to do it slowly. But when I wake up, I want to do something very difficult. I want to see the teacher a lot. I want to see the teacher." Like a habit, I said,'I hope you will come.' I don't know what to do. He confessed his grievances.

It wasn't just menu theft. After the broadcast went out, the trademark registration was also lost. “Many people suggested a patent for'Dogjuk', but at first I thought it was not special enough to patent it. Anyone could put something on it and eat it. But the day after the'Alley Restaurant' broadcast, somebody already said, ' He applied for the brand name of'Dogjuk'. In response to customers saying that even the name of'Dokjuk' could be used, we belatedly registered the name of the menu and the store.

The production crew of'Alley Restaurant' came out for the owner of the bokjukjip who did not know how to deal with this situation. The owner of the pokezukjip also complained of resentment by posting on social media that it had nothing to do with his store and franchise.

“The production team sent the proof of the contents (the trademark and menu were stolen), and there was no contact after checking in 50 minutes,” said the boss of Duckjukjip. “I was frustrated with social media, and the production team also announced the position. Then, the franchise president came to the Pohang store directly. I could have contacted you enough in advance, but I came down recklessly (I was scared). I couldn't meet my sister because she said she didn't have the boss."

The eagerness worked. The side of the'Dogjuk', who had stolen the house, posted an official apology and closed the franchise business as criticism grew.

Paik Jong-won mentioned himself and the direct number to the owner of the restaurant and said, "When I was in business alone, I had no place to ask. No, don't worry. Please contact me except when you sleep," he promised to become a reliable support force for solving problems.

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