'Once Again' Kim Hyun-sik, tears over AI restoration... Younger brother Kim Hyun-soo "I want to see you"
'Once Again' Kim Hyun-sik, tears over AI restoration... Younger brother Kim Hyun-soo "I want to see you"
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Photo = Mnet AI music project'Once Again' broadcast capture
Photo = Mnet AI music project'Once Again' broadcast capture

The voice of the late Kim Hyun-sik was reborn as AI (artificial intelligence).

In the Mnet AI music project'Once Again', which aired on the 16th, the restoration of the voice and appearance of the legendary singer-songwriter Kim Hyun-sik was drawn.

Kim Hyun-sik was a legendary singer-songwriter who appeared in the music industry in 1980 like a comet and presented masterpieces such as'Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter','I Loved You' and'Like Music Like Rain'.

On this day, in'Once Again', we challenged to create an AI voice with Kim Hyun-sik's voice and sheet music data. It wasn't easy. It was questionable whether it was possible to restore voices with voices and data remaining 30 years ago. Visual materialization was impossible due to the lack of video data. Eventually, the production team decided to recreate the figure of the deceased through 3D modeling.

Producers Kim Hyung-seok, Kim Jong-jin, Kwon In-ha, and Hong Gyeong-min united through this 100-day project. Kwon In-ha expressed concern, "In order to restore the voice, a lot of data would be needed, but each voice and the words pronounced in the vocal range have different feelings, so I wondered if it would be implemented."

Kim Jong-jin said, "I think it's a very interesting project. If you sing a different song with a voice that almost resembles Kim Hyun-sik's voice, I think it's worth enjoying it too." Hong Kyung-min worried, "I think that a good enough song can be completed. I think I can make a tone, but I think it will come out hard."

The production crew made Haha's voice using AI speech synthesis technology and released Kim Yoona's'Night Song', which he sang with Haha's voice, attracting attention. Haha and all the members were greatly surprised when listening to the'Night Song' reborn with Haha's voice. Haha was curious, saying, "It's creepy," and Kim Jong-jin said, "It has more emotions than he is." Hong Kyung-min said, "I don't know if it was just recorded by Haha," and said, "In this case, AI will replace it."

Haha started collecting data in earnest. Producer Song Hong-seop, who was in charge of producing Kim Hyun-sik's 4th, 5th and 6th albums, received a reel tape of the late Kim Hyun-sik, which had been kept until now, and sheet music was provided from the music copyright holder.

After heated discussion, the song to be reborn with Kim Hyun-sik's voice was Park Jin-young's'Behind You'. After that, the reproduction was completed through the efforts of experts, and the day of the performance was bright. Kim Hyun-sik's family, colleagues, and old fans were seated at the performance on this day.

Kim Hyun-sik's younger brother Kim Hyun-soo said, "I really hated living as Kim Hyun-sik's younger brother Kim Hyun-soo. I always feel like living with my brother's halo. I am proud of being a younger brother today." I'm a little worried about how much technology will create, but my heart is thrilled to be able to hear the voice even that way.”

Finally, the'Behind You' stage of late Kim Hyun-sik, reproduced with AI, was revealed. The audience was amazed at the familiar voice they heard after a long time. In particular, when the appearance of Kim Hyun-sik restored using the power of technology was revealed, many could not hold back their tears.

In particular, his younger brother Kim Hyun-soo was surprised as soon as he heard his brother's voice. He shed tears as he bowed his head at the appearance of his brother restored by AI. He said, "Thank you very much. I am grateful that you made this place and I really want to see you. My tears don't dry from the start. Thank you for recreating my brother's appearance."

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