'Temporary conclusion of thesis plagiarism' Hong Jin-young decides to get off at'If you don't fight, it's good'
'Temporary conclusion of thesis plagiarism' Hong Jin-young decides to get off at'If you don't fight, it's good'
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Photo = Hong Jinyoung SNS
Photo = Hong Jinyoung SNS

While Chosun University has tentatively concluded that singer Hong Jin-young's master's thesis was plagiarized, MBC's'If You Don't Fight, It's Glad' decided to get off the fixed member Hong Jin-young.

'If you don't fight, it's a good thing' crew said on the 15th, "There will be a change in the cast composition," and "Hong Jin-young will get off the program."

The program was edited by Hong Jin-young in the broadcast on the 28th of last month as Hong Jin-young was surrounded by suspicion of plagiarism. On this day, when Chosun University concluded that Hong Jin-young's master's thesis was plagiarism, it seems that Hong Jin-young's exit was officially announced.

Hong Jin-young and his family appeared on SBS's entertainment show'My Ugly Little Boy' also decided to withhold their appearance for the time being. On the 30th of last month, SBS said, "In relation to the recent thesis plagiarism controversy, his mother has decided not to participate in the recording for the time being, as they have decided not to deal with items related to Hong Jin-young in the broadcast."

Meanwhile, according to Chosun University on this day, the Research Integrity Committee under the University Research Ethics Institute investigated whether Hong Jin-young's master's thesis was plagiarism, and determined it as plagiarism. The Graduate School Committee plans to make a final decision about plagiarism next week after hearing Hong Jin-young's opinion by the 18th. If the master's thesis is concluded with plagiarism, Jinyoung Hong's master's degree is expected to be cancelled.

Hong Jin-young received a master's degree from the Department of Trade at Chosun University in 2009 with a thesis titled'A Study on the Trend of Cultural Contents Industry through Hallyu'. In 2012, he received his doctorate from the same graduate school. However, early last month, a media reported that the plagiarism rate reached 74% as a result of examining Jinyoung Hong's master's thesis on'Copy Killer', a plagiarism deliberation site, belatedly suspicious of plagiarism.

When the controversy spread, Hong Jin-young said, "Everything is unconcerned and wrong," and said, "I will return my master's and bachelor's degree."

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