'Culture 2 Show' Kim Min-kyung "Jungdong Dung 10kg ↓ Broadcasting and commercial filming…Yoo Min-sang and some?
'Culture 2 Show' Kim Min-kyung "Jungdong Dung 10kg ↓ Broadcasting and commercial filming…Yoo Min-sang and some?
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Photo = Kim Min-kyung SNS
Photo = Kim Min-kyung SNS

Comedian Kim Min-kyung revealed the behind-the-scenes of'Undong Dung'.

On the 14th aired on SBS Power FM'Dousi Escape Cult 2 Show', Kim Tae-gyun and Kim Min-kyung appeared as a special DJ.

Recently, a web entertainment program derived from'Delicious Guys' Kim Min-kyung, who has been loved as a sportsman from today, said, "The company keeps only broadcasting sports. There is no easy broadcast, but I want to do it in a warm place, wearing pretty clothes." He confessed, "I say," and made me laugh.

Kim Min-gyeong complained, but in fact, while filming'Undong Dung', he revealed that there were many changes in life. He was surprised by saying, "I gained so much from exercising. I started exercising and I lost 10kg."

He said, "I hate to do it, but thanks to it, I feel healthy inside. My body is difficult. I have body aches and pains, but I feel that my internal organs are getting better. I don't want weight, but I heard that it was pretty, and I also filmed broadcasts and commercials," he said. .

As popularity increased, interest in Kim Min-kyung's love story also increased. He said, "I went to the hair salon early yesterday morning, and a groom in front of the entrance door was practicing to sing a song to commemorate the first snow for the bride."

Kim Tae-gyun laughed, "Mr. Minkyung heard before the bride?" and laughed, "Mr. Minkyung will meet a good partner soon. I will stay as long as I came slowly." However, Kim Min-gyeong said, "Isn't it too late to come 40 years or so," and made everyone laugh.

About Yoo Min-sang, who is showing sibling chemistry in'Delicious Guys', Kim Tae-gyun asked mischievously, "I heard (Yoo Min-sang) presented a styler. What are the two relationship?" "Senior, don't use it. It's a close brother and a younger brother," said Kim Min-kyung, "don't you know it's a person's job?" When Kim Tae-gyun said "there is good", Kim Min-kyung said, "(Yoo Min-sang) likes to throw it like this," and once again laughed.

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