KBS, Joonsu Kim requested to appear in'MuBang' "Activity Intention X" vs.
KBS, Joonsu Kim requested to appear in'MuBang' "Activity Intention X" vs.
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Photo = Kim Junsu SNS
Photo = Kim Junsu SNS

KBS gave an official response to the petition for Kim Jun-soo to appear in'Music Bank'. However, Kim Joon-soo's side is confronting with a different position.

At the KBS Viewers' Rights Center, a petition was filed with a request for Kim Jun-soo's appearance on the KBS music program'Music Bank' and to ensure a fair chance to appear on the broadcast, and 3,000 people agreed.

Accordingly, Kwang-soo Kim, KBS Entertainment Center 2CP, announced through the KBS Viewers' Rights Center,'I will respond to related petitions as a music bank responsible producer.' First, Music Bank will rank and announce weekly music sources, album sales, number of broadcasts, and viewer preference. It is a program to do. Therefore, among the singers who are active during the period, the singers who wish to appear are in the process of recruiting. He revealed the official position that it is impossible to reveal whether or not to appear about a singer who has not revealed his intention to participate. He added,'It is also difficult to explain why we are not recruiting a specific artist.

CP Kim said,'The recruitment of Music Bank inevitably has the characteristics of selection and exclusion at the same time. This is because if the reason for the inevitable exclusion is explained, the artist or the fans can accept it as a disparity. Therefore, I know that there is no broadcaster explaining the reason for not casting.' Finally,'KBS plans to provide fair opportunities to various singers in the future. We ask for your interest and affection.'

However, in an interview with Donga.com, an official from CJ Entertainment Kim Joon-soo said, "I have asked why I was unable to appear in the media several times in connection with appearing in public entertainment." "This is difficult," he refuted.

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