After 7 months of divorce, Jo Yoon-hee...
After 7 months of divorce, Jo Yoon-hee...
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Photo = SBS'Animal Farm' capture

Actor Jo Yoon-hee returned to Lee Dong-gun after 9 months of divorce. In May, Jo Yoon-hee divorced actor Lee Dong-gun after three years of marriage.

Jo Yoon-hee appeared as a special MC on SBS'Animal Farm', which aired on the 13th.

Jeong Seon-hee said, "It's my first time accepting the real thing, and it's annoying," and "The nose came out like my mouth. It's clever. I want to live as Jo Yoon-hee next life."

It was introduced that Jo Yoon-hee is continuing good deeds by rescue and treatment of a total of 14 abandoned dogs. Yunhee Jo explained, "I raised my first puppy in high school. I was a situ named'Dungi', but I crossed the rainbow bridge 10 years ago. I wanted to share the love I received from Dungi, so I started volunteering with an interest in abandoned dogs."

So Jeong Seon-hee said, "It's really good. That's really hard. I think it's a pain in my heart and I hope it goes well, but is it really courageous to endure it all until I cross the rainbow bridge?"

Cho Yoon-hee also shed tears and said, "I hope many abandoned dogs meet their families and have a warm time."

[News Inside Reporter Jeong Yong-in]

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