'Dadongi' mother Jo Eun-suk "Daughters, it's hard to think of it as mine, it's easy to think of it as a gift
'Dadongi' mother Jo Eun-suk "Daughters, it's hard to think of it as mine, it's easy to think of it as a gift
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Photo = Capture of Channel A'Dog Bone'

Jo Eun-suk, the mother of three daughters, said, "It's hard to think that the children are mine, but if you think it's a gift from me, it's not difficult and thank you."

In Channel A's'Dog Bone', which aired on the 13th, Cho Hye-ryeon invited female entertainers Jo Eun-sook, Hwang Seok-jeong, and Lee Yeon-soo to form a'Lady's' member.

On this day, Eun-sook Jo said, "I am a mother of three children, and raising a child is not difficult. I want to keep giving birth to a child. It is difficult to think of a child as mine. But if you think that it is a gift from me, thank you."

Eun-suk Cho is a rare'Dadongi' mother in the entertainment industry, and has three children aged 14, 12, and 10 years old.

Jo Hye-ryeon said, "The children felt absent for their mother's hectic busyness, so the daughter continued to be ranked first in the whole school and then quit school after enrolling in high school. After that, she was lying down for a year. The daughter organized the time for wandering and worked at the convenience store Alba. They said they wanted to become independent economically.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seong-jae said, "Why is Yeon-su alone?" Lee said, "I don't think I have an opportunity. I don't get an introduction well because time passes." Jo Hye-ryeon said, "It gets harder as it gets late," and Hwang Seok-jung said, "I thought I wanted to marry every person I met, but why not?"

Lee Yeon-su said, "I'm not without worries. If I try to meet a friend, this one shouldn't be like this, and she shouldn't be like that. Then, she naturally became a housekeeper. I like Zumba rather than a violent one." At that time, Cho Hye-ryeon made a laugh by playing his song, saying, "I prepared Zumba."

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