BTS, year-end awards ceremony'clean sweep'...TMA Grand Prize for 3 consecutive years + 4 crowns
BTS, year-end awards ceremony'clean sweep'...TMA Grand Prize for 3 consecutive years + 4 crowns
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Group BTS won the grand prize at the '2020 The Fact Music Awards'. It has been awarded the grand prize for three consecutive years since 2018. In addition to the grand prize, BTS also won four crowns, including Artist of the Year, Worldwide Icon, and Listener's Choice.

After winning the grand prize at the '2020 The Fact Music Awards' (2020 TMA), which was broadcast live on the 12th, BTS said, "It's been a while since we've been receiving an award with the classic name of the grand prize. I will be grateful as it is a big prize. "He said.

Member RM said, "This year, not only us, but all of us have shown that we are living hard in a difficult situation, but we are grateful and embarrassed for coming back with more undeserved results than we did. We are grateful to many people who listened to our music."

"There were artists who worked hard this year in an environment where they could not perform offline performances in their studios as well as us. I think that I received such a big award on behalf of them. I want to give this award to all those who are making music with sincerity." "We will try to give comfort and hope without forgetting where we stand. We will continue to devote ourselves to music next year. Thank you for your great love."

On this day, the star of'Mr. Trot', Lim Young-woong, received the Fan & Star Trot Popularity Award and the Fan & Star Asdot Award. Hwang Chi-yeol, who has emerged as a Hallyu star, also won the Fan & Star Most Vote Award and the Fan & Star Choice Award (individual).

Meanwhile, in the '2020 The Fact Music Awards', BTS, Super Junior, NU'EST, GOT7 (GOT7), Monsta X, Seventeen, Kang Daniel, Twice, Mamamoo, (Girl) Idle, ITZY (Yes), Stray Kids (Stray Kids), Tomorrow by Together, ATEEZ, Cravity, Weekly, The Boys, IZONE, Jesse, and ENHYPEN attended.

Below is a list of winners of '2020 THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS, 2020 TMA'.

▲ Target = BTS

▲ Listener's Choice = BTS

▲ Best performer = Youji, Tomorrow by Together, Jessie

▲ Trot Popularity Award = Lim Young-woong

▲ Fan and Star Most Votes = Hwang Chi-yeol

▲ Fan and Star Choice = Hwang Chi-yeol

▲ Fan&Star asdot = Lim Young-woong

▲ Fan & Star Choice = Super Junior (Singer Division)

▲ World Wide Icon = Seventeen, BTS

▲ Global Hottest = Stray Kids, (Female) Idle, ATEEZ, The Boyz

▲ Next Leader = Weekly, Cravity, Nhyphen

▲ Artist of the Year = BTS, Mamamoo-Hwasa, Kang Daniel, GOT7, Twice, NU'EST, IZONE, Monsta X, Seventeen, Super Junior

▲ TMA Popularity Award = Super Junior

[News Inside Reporter Jeong Yong-in]

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