'Nahonsan' Kian84 "I wanted to find my self-esteem this year when the 56km run challenge...
'Nahonsan' Kian84 "I wanted to find my self-esteem this year when the 56km run challenge...
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Photo = MBC'I Live Alone' broadcast capture
Photo = MBC'I Live Alone' broadcast capture

Webtoon writer Kian84 challenged long distance running.

In MBC's'I Live Alone' aired on the 11th, Kian 84's long-distance running challenge was drawn by running to the sea.

On this day, Kian 84 left the house in early sportswear. Gian 84, who has been running with physical fitness management, surprised everyone by saying, "I am going to go to the sea by running." He complained, "I got sick while drawing cartoons. I only took 10 days off for two years after starting the company. Then my head hurt so much that when I tried to go to the hospital, the deadline was flat. So I stood outside for an hour." I put it.

As a result, Gian 84 chose Bang-Ameori Beach, which is located 56 km from the sea close to the house, as its destination. The distance to complete the marathon is also 42.195km. 56km is a distance that is difficult for people to handle. Kian 84 said, "I ran 17km 9 years ago, and it is the longest run."

Gian 84, who warmed up in the morning spirit, started running with as light steps as the cool air. Sudden physiological phenomena on the uphill, hitting the limit of physical strength, he grew tired. Later, he said, "I even became a little hazy in my mind."

Eventually, I fell on the street after 9 hours of running. Kian 84 was struggling with alien language abuse, but got up again. He said, "But it was a feeling. I decided to run, so I thought it would be right to run. This is a promise with me, so if I give up here, I am disappointed." The members were impressed by Kian 84's persistence, saying, "People look different."

Gian 84 said, "This year was a bit shrunken. Somehow, there was something bad and it was contracted and shrunk," said Kian 84. "I want to get a sense of self-esteem after running and arriving at the destination.

Kian 84, a little ahead of the target for the first day, lamented, "Not all challenges are beautiful" lying on the grass in the park. We can check next week if we can achieve our goals.

[News Inside Reporter Kang Haru news@newsinside.kr]

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