'Nahonsan' Kim Ji-hoon, the essence of playing alone, Homt → Tree decoration → Cooking → Performance'Hyunta' in the end
'Nahonsan' Kim Ji-hoon, the essence of playing alone, Homt → Tree decoration → Cooking → Performance'Hyunta' in the end
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Photo = MBC'I Live Alone' broadcast capture
Photo = MBC'I Live Alone' broadcast capture

Actor Kim Ji-hoon showed the essence of playing alone.

In MBC's'I Live Alone', broadcast on the 11th, Kim Ji-hoon's busy day spread.

On this day's broadcast, Kim Ji-hoon made a laugh by showing the same appearance as the morning routine that was released from the last time, from his awakening, to his pajamas, and the habit of checking stocks as soon as he opens his eyes. It was the same as tying long hair, which had become a trademark, and meticulously arranging the hair that had fallen all over the house. However, unlike the last time I applied saliva to organize my hair, I was impressed by wearing a so-called'Doll Tape' item. Kim Ji-hoon said, "After watching the broadcast, the fans sent a lot to the office."

Instead of cleaning the house, Kim Ji-hoon started stretching naturally, changed clothes in earnest, and focused on high-intensity home training. He said, "I am constantly practicing," and showed a more flexible appearance than before.

He said, "I can't go to the gym because of a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), but there are some people who laugh inside me," he said. "Exercise is not trying to show or confirm someone, it's a promise with me." Lee Si-eon pointed out, "There were a lot of photos exposed on my brother's social media," and Kim Ji-hoon said, "It's a waste to see only me" and laughed.

In addition, after finishing exercise, she undressed in front of the mirror and showed her narcissistic figure by revealing her perfect body made through long efforts.

Afterwards, Kim Ji-hoon headed to the beauty salon. He said, "I did my last perm earlier this year. It's been so long since I permed it, and it's time to get my head stabbed in the collarbone," he said. He succeeded in transforming into a permed hair that resembles Brad Pitt.

When he returned home, he built a Christmas tree for the end of the year. I personally chose a tree that fits the minimal interior of the house and even installed it by myself. However, in making a tree that is more difficult than I thought, "I will have a good Christmas by myself" and "Hyunta" said, "It's too hard to make it by myself."

Kim Ji-hoon, who digested a busy schedule from home training to tree production, prepared dinner by hand to compensate for a tiring day. The menu was Korean beef steak and currybonara. Kim Ji-hoon's special recipe is to add curry powder and seasoning powder to carbonara. He showed a skillful appearance of seasoning Korean beef steaks and grilling them with mayonnaise.

Kim Ji-hoon prepared a wonderful table with steak, pasta, and wine for himself, and it was deliciously cool, but he felt the emptiness that suddenly came. He said, "I was embarrassed too. It's really delicious, but since I was eating alone, the loneliness and loneliness that I felt when making a tree came in earnest. Even if I wasn't a lover, I thought it was really lonely to spend the holiday season alone.

Kim Ji-hoon played the piano to soothe his loneliness. He said, “I learned the piano from the basics about two years ago. It’s cool to sing while playing the piano.” Sitting in front of the keyboard, he looked like a musician that surpassed Beethoven, but he laughed by playing the'jingle bell' that can be done with both hands.

On the other hand, the guitar boasted a level of skill. However, she laughed at trying to digest both the male and female parts of the movie'Stiseborn' OST'Shallow' sung by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Before Christmas, I chose'Silver Bell', but it ended with only laughter.

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