'Gamsung Camping' Kwak Siyang "I grew up with only 4 my older sisters, even though I was late."
'Gamsung Camping' Kwak Siyang "I grew up with only 4 my older sisters, even though I was late."
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Photo = JTBC'Gamsung Camping' broadcast capture
Photo = JTBC'Gamsung Camping' broadcast capture

Actor Kwak Si-yang has revealed his childhood when he was raised by four people with only his real sister.

In JTBC's'Gamsung Camping', which aired on the 11th, Narae Park, Youngmi Ahn, Sodam Park, Naeun Son, and Solar met the guest of the day in Samcheok, Gangwon-do.

On this day, after Cha Tae-hyun left first for his schedule, the members decided to wear the same clothes as their childhood with the concept of a memory trip. The members who returned after rejoicing burst into laughter. In particular, Mamamoo Solar and Park Na-rae were surprised with their decalcomani-like appearance. Young-mi Ahn said, "If only the cheeks are chubby, it's the same as when I was young," and Ahn Young-mi, who looked at the pictures of young Park Na-rae, said, "Even when I was young, I was full of energy.

The members in their childhood clothes left a photo and left for an outing to a beach in Samcheok. Gwak Siyang was waiting for them there.

Kwak Siyang has revealed her appearance from her childhood to suit the travel concept. Ahn Young-mi, who saw the photo, admired her beauty, saying, "Nuclear. Good". The members were also surprised at how handsome they were, saying, "You are really handsome."

Kwak Siyang revealed that unlike his masculine visuals, he lived like a military service under his four sisters. He said, "It's 13 years different from my first sister." It seems that he was born late and received love in one body, but he confessed his anti-war past, saying, "I grew up getting hit a lot".

He said, “My first sister studied a lot and there was academic stress. After unpacking it on my second sister, it gradually came down to me. All of the older sisters had a tremendous personality."

Gwak Si-yang quickly became friends with the camping members who had only women, perhaps thanks to living with four terrifying older sisters. Even when the toilet overflowed, without any hesitation, the knight who rolled his arms and wiped them showed his spirit. He showed off his charm as a man with a perfect score, boasting a high-level cooking skill.

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