Director Kim Ki-deok confirms death from corona complications in Litvia "Death after two days of hospitalization"
Director Kim Ki-deok confirms death from corona complications in Litvia "Death after two days of hospitalization"
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Photo = YTN news broadcast capture
Photo = YTN news broadcast capture

The movie director Ki-deok Kim died of complications from a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Sports Chosun reported on the 11th that it confirmed the news with his family and confirmed that the report on eating out that director Kim Ki-deok died.

The Latvian media Delphi quoted the words of Vitali Mansky, artistic director at the Russian Art Dog Fest Film Festival, and reported that Kim Ki-deok, who was staying in Latvia, died of complications from Corona 19 at a local hospital that day.

According to reports, director Ki-deok Kim has been staying in Latvia since the 20th of last month, and contact has been cut off since the 5th. Director Mansky said he heard news that he had died in a local hospital while searching for director Kim Ki-deok.

On the same day, Busan International Film Festival executive chairman Yang-jun Jeon confirmed the news of the death of director Kim Ki-duk by posting “RIP Kim Ki Duk (1960-2020)” on social media. Director Kim Ki-deok, who had moved from Kazakhstan to Latvia from a bar, had passed away just a week before his sixtieth birthday (December 20). It is said that he died. It is a great loss and sorrow that cannot be filled in the Korean film industry.

Director Kim Ki-deok debuted in the movie ``Crocodile'' in 1995 and debuted in ``Wild Animal Sanctuary'' ``Blue Gate'' ``Island'' ``Unknown recipient'' ``Bad Man'' ``Coastline'' ``Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring'' ``Samaria'' ``Empty House'' He directed'Bow','Breath','B-Mong','Pieta','Mobius','One-on-One' and'Net'.

Director Kim Ki-deok won the Silver Bear Award at the 54th Berlin Film Festival in 2004 for the film'Samaria', and won the Notable Gaze Award at the 64th Cannes Film Festival for'Arirang' in 2011. The film'Pieta' won the Golden Lion Award, the best award at the 69th Venice Film Festival in 2012, and was the only Korean director to win awards at all three international film festivals.

However, after being engulfed in controversy over'Me Too' such as sexual assault on an actress in 2018, he stopped all domestic activities and stayed abroad. He produced his 23rd feature film'Human, Space, Time and Man' in Kazakhstan, which was also invited to the Berlin Film Festival in 2018.

[News Inside Reporter Kang Haru]

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