'Pill Room' Seon Woo Yong-nyeo "My 76-year-old focuses on a healthy life... Overcoming brain infarction"
'Pill Room' Seon Woo Yong-nyeo "My 76-year-old focuses on a healthy life... Overcoming brain infarction"
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Limb = MBN'Pill Room' broadcast capture
Limb = MBN'Pill Room' broadcast capture

Actor Sunwoo Yongyeo's cerebral infarction overcoming period was revealed.

Seonwoo Yongyeo appeared in MBN's'Pill Room' that aired on the 10th.

On this day, Seonwoo Yong-yeo said, "I am 76 years old this year. Since I live like this, the most important thing is health. Money and honor are useless. Now I live while taking care of my health. I work hard and find good food and eat."

Seonwoo Yong-yeo, who was diagnosed with a cerebral infarction 4 years ago, was shocked by finding that his eye retina had burst as a precursor to a cerebral infarction. He added, "Because of a cerebral infarction, my muscles were loosened and I started exercising more. As I got older, my muscles were a problem," he explained, adding that he explained the health care method.

Seonwoo Yongyeo revealed the refrigerator and said, "This egg was sent by Lee Kyung-sil. I eat about 3 eggs a day." I was taking a meal with fresh fruit and a low salt diet. He also ground coffee himself, made drip coffee, and drank it with an unpeeled apple.

He emphasized a positive spirit, saying, "On days when there is no work, I sit down and eat slowly. Even when I drink coffee, I eat while saying,'All good things are here.'

On the broadcast that day, Sunwoo Yong-yeo invited her sister Olke and made a healthy meal with high protein eel soup and stir-fried temples. "As you get older, joints and bones are important," Sunwoo Yong-yeo explained. "I find them as much as I can."

Then, while playing Michael Jackson's song, he showed off a dance-added exercise. The flexibility and positive personality, which is not believed to be 76 years old, caught the attention of viewers.

"Because I had a cerebral infarction, I had a lot of thoughts about how to take care of me. The most basic thing was stress. I was okay because I didn't get stress and found something good for my body. I think I can keep it like this." Smiled.

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