“Pongsungah Hakdang” Top 5 “Next Year Lim Young-woong Era…Young Tak Next Year's Marriage ↑”
“Pongsungah Hakdang” Top 5 “Next Year Lim Young-woong Era…Young Tak Next Year's Marriage ↑”
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Photo = TV Chosun'Pongsungahhakdang' broadcast capture
Photo = TV Chosun'Pongsungahhakdang' broadcast capture

Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, Kim Hee-jae, Lee Chan-won, and Jang Min-ho met Trotman Top 5 to find out his luck in 2021.

In TV Chosun's'Pongsungahhakdang', which aired on the 9th, the appearance of meeting people in the world to find out the New Year's fortune in 2021 was spread.

The first runner was the eldest brother, Jang Min-ho. Yeoksul-in said, "I was born with the energy of gold and jewels. The energy of the keys has a lot of sound. Next year, there are a lot of women, but a lot of strange women come in. Next year, there will be a rumor." You have to be careful because you can. It's good from next year."

"I am lucky from the next year, but there is a high probability of meeting a good woman at the age of 46. When meeting a woman, I have to meet a person who can express emotions well. For example, I have to meet someone like Kim Hee-jae, Lim Young-woong, and Young-tak." Excluding it, I pointed it out and made a laugh.

Regarding the New Year's fortune, he warned, "Be careful as you step on the tail of a tiger. Run away. Next year there may be a rumor." In response, Jang Min-ho said, "I thought there would be ups and downs in the situation and emotions next year. I said that I should keep the tension now, but listening to the story makes my heart firmly lifted." In response, Yeoksul-in said, "But Daewoon is open from the next year to the age of 70."

Young-tak's possibility of getting married next year has been restored. Yeoksul-in said, "Young-tak has a greater temperament to feel satisfaction in relations with people rather than in wealth," he said. "There is a high possibility that you will meet a very good woman next year. A woman who can marry. The probability of having a lifelong partner is high." "This is very high."

Young-tak said, "Because Kwanwoon is strong, the job of teaching someone, such as a professor or a lecturer, is a good fit. It's good to expand that way because it's a good fit to do an education business, teach, and match. "The later is better if you do it in parallel."

Regarding the new year's luck, he said, "Next year is better than this year. We have luck to peak in luck, so we can run," he said. "It's good to rely on Jang Min-ho and Kim Hee-jae as the members who can give you the best strength. "It's good if three people work together."

Next was Youngwoong Lim, whom everyone was curious about. "I was born with a warm energy of fire, so I have a lot of affection and heart like a teacher. I have both small and big money. Not only big money but also small money can be calculated. People have analytical skills, but have a lot of affection and heart." He also has flexibility," he proved once again that he is a man who has everything.

The fortune for next year was also good. Yeoksul-in said, "In terms of luck, if the big fluctuation this year was the better side, it will be stronger next year." Even in 2021, Lee Chan-won said, "Oh, my stomach hurts. My stomach hurts so much" when he said "The Age of Heroes" made people laugh.

The member with good compatibility with Lim Young-woong was Jang Min-ho. Yeoksul-in said, "We need each other. We have strong energy to increase each other's energy. Young-tak and Hee-jae are also good for the hero."

Regarding the compatibility with Chanwon Lee, who was excluded from the helpful members again this time, "The two are nooses. They are very obsessed with each other and do not like to fall off with attachment. Such a heart is stronger in Chanwon's point of view. If we met, whether we like it or not, it is a chemistry that cannot be separated.” Next, he pointed out that "Boom is the only one among them that puts a lot of stress on Lim Young-woong," and put everyone down.

Yeoksul-in called Lee Chan-won. Yeoksul-in said, "There are ups and downs of emotions. That's because of stress. If you relieve the stress well, you'll be lucky next year. The only person Boom can help with is Lee Chan-won."

The colors of luck were black, purple and white. Lee Chan-won commented on purple, "Purple wore purple underwear when I watched the'Mr. Trot' qualifier, so I wore it in the next contest and the next contest until the contest was over. Afterwards, it was all dead and only the band remained."

Boom expressed concern that Lee Chan-won became very popular at a young age. Yeoksul-in said, "Next year's luck is good and Daewoon comes in after the age of 33, and it will last for 5 years. However, there may be some health or rumors in the early 30s, so be careful."

Lee Chan-won wondered about the love luck. Yeoksul-in said, "I have a woman next year, but it's not marriage. My partner is 33 years old, and there is a high probability that she will meet a good woman in her mid-30s." The last was Kim Hee-jae. Yeoksul-in said, "The unique thing is that Kim Hee-jae was born with the energy of gold. He has good flexibility and expressiveness. He has talent and has quickness. There is a desire for fame, but he cares about others' eyes, and he is a perfectionist, so he is holding his own talent. In 2021, take care of yourself. Only then will your gyo-tae come out. You are a man with gyo-tae. If you get rid of your perfectionist tendencies, you can gain greater experience and reputation,” he advised. What you need to be careful about is rumor.

Yeoksul-in said, "Kim Hee-jae, like Jang Min-ho, has a lot of women coming in next year." Hee-jae Kim laughed and liked it without knowing it, but Yeoksul-in warned, "All are weird women. You have to be careful with oral speech," and picked Jang Min-ho as a good match. He said, "Kim Hee-jae and Jang Min-ho are getting more energy. Unfortunately, Jang Min-ho's energy goes out," he laughed again.

The filming site became a sea of laughter, saying, "Mr. Minho has to get up on his own" about Jang Min-ho, who is compatible with all the members but does not receive energy.

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