'You Quiz' Ju Ji-hoon "'Kingdom' Joseon Dynasty zombies →'Mission Impossible' felt like a maiden ghost"
'You Quiz' Ju Ji-hoon "'Kingdom' Joseon Dynasty zombies →'Mission Impossible' felt like a maiden ghost"
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Photo = TVN'You Quiz on the Block' broadcast capture
Photo = TVN'You Quiz on the Block' broadcast capture

Actor Ju Ji-hoon boasted of a'world class' style.

Ju Ji Hoon appeared in the 2nd episode of the'World Class' special episode of tvN'You Quiz on the Block' broadcast on the 9th and boasted an unusual talk.

Ju Ji-hoon, who stood tall as a world-class actor through the Netflix drama'Kingdom', gave a big laugh with an unexpected answer, saying, "I'm trembling" when asked about his feelings on the day. He hurriedly corrected his feelings, saying, "It's weird," and Jo Se-ho said, "I feel humanity."

When asked if he expected the popularity of'Kingdom', Ju Ji-hoon said, "I wasn't expected at all. I know that there were less than 200,000 (Netflix) subscribers at that time," and "Zombies appear in Korea? A virgin in'Mission Impossible'. I thought it would make sense, but I wanted to work with director Kim Sung-hoon and writer Kim Eun-hee. I thought,'It will be fun with people I like.' In fact, zombie actors have suffered the most than we do.”

Following'Kingdom', Ju Ji-hoon, who is currently filming the drama'Jirisan,' by Kim Eun-hee, asked if he was Kim Eun-hee's'muse'. I drew a line.

Ju Ji-hoon, who made his 15th year debut as a model by chance, said about the opportunity to become an actor. "Ghost" suddenly reminded me of the acting and shed tears. I didn't know when my emotions came up, but because I didn't know when I would close my eyes, but I think the director seems to have seen it as a sensation."

Although I passed, it was the beginning of suffering. Ju Ji-hoon said, "From the next day (drama filming) I got scolded a lot for about 8 months. I really didn't know anything, so I didn't want to go to the scene. I was depressed from the moment I put on makeup in the morning. I wanted to know how much curse you have to end the day." “At the time, a fan of'Gung' on my mini-homepage very politely left a message asking for a long exit, so I was upset and closed the mini-homepage,” he recalled.

I also remembered the scene of reading the script for'The Demon King' in 2007. Ju Ji-hoon said, "I read the script for about 6 hours, and the director said,'It's a big deal because you're acting like that in the field.' It was sweaty on the desk where I was sitting," he said. "The director called me at the set and said,'What's wrong. Why? It increased like this, and he gave me 20,000 won in pocket money."

Ju Ji-hoon suffered twists and turns until he became an actor, but now he has established himself as a leading actor in Chungmuro with his outstanding acting skills. It became popular worldwide with'Kingdom'. Ju Ji-hoon, who gained a lot of attention in the movie'Massassin', with eerie acting, said, "I hesitated a little bit. I don't have confidence in the dialect, but once I do such a strong character, it is difficult to do it again for quite a long time. I wanted to do it properly once I did it. "He said, "'Math and murder' was promised like a play to move one finger and eyebrow. I practiced dialect for 8 hours a day for 3 months," and he was surprised.

Ju Ji-hoon said that he has a'charm of good and evil', and he said, "I think it's because I'm single eyes. When I was learning for the first time, I heard that I couldn't learn because I was single eyes. I think I debuted with three," he laughed.

When asked whether his thoughts change depending on his age, Ju Ji-hoon said, "I am really ashamed in my 20s. When I was in my 20s, I was like a man and like an adult. When I was discharged in my 30s and opened my eyes, it seems like it is now." I think I've had a lot of imagination in my 30s, but I have never imagined going beyond 40. I have the same mind as when I was 18, but I think about how to adapt to changing circumstances,” he said.

Ju Ji-hoon boasted a positive mind about giving up on this day to get to his current position, saying, "I can't have a romantic relationship as much as I want. I can't have a relationship with my lover as well as my parents. Still, I'm trying to do more by using it as a driving force."

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