'Ottogi III' Ham Yeon-ji appears in surprise with the sea "If the goal is achieved in 3 years, the second generation plan"
'Ottogi III' Ham Yeon-ji appears in surprise with the sea "If the goal is achieved in 3 years, the second generation plan"
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Photo = YouTube channel'Ham Yeonji' video capture
Photo = YouTube channel'Ham Yeonji' video capture

'Ottogi III' and musical actor Ham Yeon-ji revealed his child's plans.

On the 8th, Yeonji Ham shared her story of debuting as a singer by appearing with singer Bada on her YouTube channel'Ham Yeonji'.

In the video released on this day, Yeonji Ham revealed, "I became a singer. I would like to have a special guest before the final recording and listen to the last lecture," raising questions.

The special guest Ham Yeon-ji attended was singer Bada. Ham Yeon-ji said, "I met and became close to the musical'Gone with the Wind'," and said, "I'll help you not to spend my time here in vain."

Bada said, "I didn't know that Yeonji was Ottogi's granddaughter at that time." .

"Yeonji said that, but I learned a lot from her. For me, the original intention is really important. I still thought that I should have that kind of appearance." I emphasized it again, causing laughter.

Ham Yeon-ji delivered news of the birth of the sea, saying, "Recently, my sister gave birth to a baby." "I still have a fear of giving birth," he asked for experience. Bada praised Ham Yeon-ji, saying, "What I liked when I had a child was healed by watching'Ham Yeon-ji'. I saw it from the time I was in a relationship with my husband. I was really married.

"Do you have a second generation plan?" said Bada, and threw a quick ball. Ham Yeon-ji laughed and replied, "Of course there is. I want to have it in 3 years. I have a lot of things I want to achieve, so I am trying to achieve my goal and meet the second generation"

The two entered a special lecture in preparation for the sound source of Ham Yeonji, which will be released on December 11. Bada said, "Will you pass this song to me?"

Bada showed the difference between musical vocalization and pop vocalization for Ham Yeonji. He cheered, "I wanted to release my tension, so I made it playful, but if I sing it with the warm feeling of Yeonji, it will be a good song."

Afterwards, Ham Yeon-ji raised expectations by pre-disclosing the first recording process and sound source.

[News Inside Reporter Kang Haru news@newsinside.kr]

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